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tattianna - October 28

is it true that after 5 months of being pregnant that they will not prefom an abortion and if its not then how long do you have to be pregnant for them not to offer or preform abortions ?


Jen - October 28

No, you should not have an abortion at 5 months. I am not against abortion. At that point, some babies can live outside of your belly. If this is about you, please hang in there and think about adoption. My husband and adopted a baby and we are so fortunate for his birthmother.


E - October 28

I am 5 months and have a very active and alive baby in me. I would not end this life unless my own was in danger. If you plan to abort, consider it within the first 10 weeks. Second trimester abortions are painful and harder to recover from. Also, the embryo becomes a fetus.


Straight answer - October 29

It depends where you are, but usually you cannot get an abortion after about 22-23 weeks. Why do people jump straight in, telling people what to do. She might not even be pregnant, just asking a question.


...... - October 29

abortions are wrong either way you go they kill a living being just like u or me if u do not want it give it up for adoption to a good family if a person is not responsible enough to take action for their mistakes then they shouldn't be having s_x!!!!


k - October 29

Where I live they are offered up to 16 wks.. the farther along you are the more difficult and risky it is..And like E said and 5 mnths you have this beautiful baby inside you that is moving around everywhere.it would be pretty traumatizing to kill that.Also where I live at 5 mnths the baby is considered a human life. If you miscarry, you must Legally have a funeral because the baby can feel pain at this point and is considered a life.


MIMI - October 29

2 tattianna i dont no where u live but in florida they do it up to 22 weeks but good luck


Bree - October 30

You know wether you realize it right now, this baby is a wonderful gift. I lost my baby at 22 1/2 weeks on Christmas Day 2003. There are lot's of people like me who would love to have a child and are unable to carry a child. Maybe adoption will be a way that you can give your little blessing to a family that will love that child the way you would love it, if you decided to keep it... Your love for that child will never cease to amaze you, even if you decide that you want to give it up for adoption.



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