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kait - October 13

i kno this brings up controversy but i am considering abortion even tho i know it is wrong ive been taught that.. i go to church. All the stories i have read online have said only bad things about abortions. Has anyone had an abortion and can tell me any positive results or how there life was before and after it.


Siara - October 13

After i had an abortion i felt a lot of relief that the whole thing was over and i could start picking my life back up again. I was getting ill because of it and the doctor said i was highly at risk if i carried on with the pregnancy. Now my life is getting back on track after the whole experience. There are still other things to deal with but it is a LOT off my mind now thats over. If you need anything email me [email protected]


Critter - October 13

it is a very selfish for me to think about how preventing a life made my life so much better but it honestly did. it happened a year ago. it was a first semester in college on my own for the first time in my life. i had no family and didn't have any real friends at the university with me. i did manage to invite my boyfreind over to my college once for a conjugal visit and during that session, i got pregnant. i had no money, no secure place to live, no job, no car, and practically no baby's daddy becuase he was nearly 500 miles away. When i told him I wanted an abortion, my boyfriend till this day didn't hesitate to make sure I was taken care of. Right now, I am continuing to complete my dream of becoming a doctor. i know if i would have had the baby, i would have had to drop out of school and move back home with my mama. that would have made me a failure in life and i would have disappointed my mother to the highest degree. she would have died of a broken heart. not because i had a baby but because i didn't finish school.


Bonnie - October 13

Abortion is something only you can decide based on your beliefs. If you believe it is wrong than you will have a lifetime of regret. It is a personal choice each woman must make for herself and honestly I would not let anyone influence you in either direction. Do what YOU feel is the best thing to do.....As for myself, I had one 18 years ago and I have never regretted it, though it was a very difficult decision to make. Like Critter, my b/f was amazing. I am now 34 and doing well in life with two beautiful 11 year-old step children, a happy marriage, and one on the way. I've never regretted what I did at all. But as I said, you must do what YOU feel is right. No one should make the decisiom for you (despite the many people who will probably reply on this thread with flames). Good luck Kait!


Kay - October 14

No matter what people tell you, you have to deal with the consequences of the choices you make, they don't. Even if they have similar experiences, they are not you and you are not them. I had an abortion and know it was the right choice for me. Do not let people make you feel bad no matter what you decide. It is not thier life, nor their body but yours.



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