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Venecia Everheart - September 12

Do u think Abortion baby is right ?


kRaZy KaTh - August 10

It's a womans personal choice Venecia. Are you thinking of having an abortion? Personally, I think that girls/women over 16 should not be allowed to have abortions. I also think it is terrible that kids use abortion as a type of birth control these days. "Oh well if I get pregnant, I'll just get rid of it". Abortion is not an innocent game or Twister, it is a serious medical procedure and can cause numerous complications (including infertility).


brucen - August 10

Doesn't matter what anyone, but you, thinks about abortion. It is a personal choice. YOU should do what is best for you, not what others think is best for you. Only you can make this decision, becasue YOu will be the one who has to live with whatever choice you make.


brucen - August 10

Shorty--why is abortion ok if you were raped? Isn't the outcome the same?


Theresa - August 10

Okay, come on now people. This girl is here for advice, not our opinion! I don't support abortion either, but I am not gonna sit here & judge anyone for doing it. Hey Venecia ~ Do you have reason 2 think you are pregnant? Is there a friend or someone you can talk to about this? Read all the pro's & con's about abortion & educate yourself. Then think about it , & ALL your options & then you can feel good about making a responsable & informed decision. As an answer to your question -"do you think abortion is right?" Well, No, I think it's wrong personaly, & I would not do it. But I am not you , I do not know your situation & I am not in your position.Only you can make this decision.You will be the one who will have 2 live with that choice if thats what you choose 2 do. Search your heart & talk 2 someone...okay? Good luck & God Bless!


MAZ - August 10

brucen, rape DOES NOT HAVE THE SAME OUTCOME. If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, it is NOT something she risked or took for granted. Women are stupid enough to have s_x and risk pregnancy and are then totally aghast when they get pregnant. Do people not understand, THE SOLE PURPOSE OF s_x IS FOR REPRODUCTION!


Shorty - August 11

No Brucen, becuase if you were raped, you did not consent to having s_x, and therefore I feel that the trauma of being raped and then finding out you are pregnant to the rapist is a valid reason to explore your options... I mean how would you like your child to ask.. "mummy where is daddy?" "Well sweetie, daddy raped mummy and mummy had you" plus the emotion trauma. If you are raped you had no choice thats why...


Shotry - August 11

Pez you don't go to hell if you get an abortion... stop filling peoples head with that c___p.


brucen - August 11

Shorty Isn't it still a human life, that was created through no fault of its own? Maz you obviously misunderstood, please read again.


j - August 11

brucen grow up you have no idea what you are talking about.


Anon - August 11

Brucen is right. No matter if you were raped or not its still human life created. And its not the baby's fault. So, really it's the same thing.....Anyways, It really is up to you if you want an abortion or not. You are the one that has to live with the outcome.


hiya - August 12

i had an abortion an a short while later i tried to kill myslf. evry day i cry bout wot i have lost. i wud neva do it again i fink that the time limit 4 abortions sud b reduced u cn still hav them @ 5 months, that is definately murder as if that baby was treated it cud survive. plz fink b4 u act consider all the options i often fink it wud hav been better 2 go fru al da troma and raise the baby, wiv or wivot my parents don't b bulied in2 an abortion.


Shorty - August 12

Brucen, imagine if you were violently raped... had nightmares about it every night, saw the perosons face in your dreams, and then you found out you were going to have thier baby, something you didn't ask for... do you have any idea how hard that would be.. Yeah it is a creation thru no fult of its own, I am not saying that women who are raped and fall pregnant should have an abortion, just they should have the option to consider it if that was what they needed. I am not saying "hey all you chicks that were raped, line up your unborn to be sent to the slaughter" but the option should be there.


brucen - August 12

Shorty What I am saying is that ALL women should have the option no matter what the reason. Rape is no justification if you believe that abortion is murder because the OUTCOME IS THE SAME.


Gems - August 12

If there was a law that said only women who were raped could have abortions A LOT of women who don't want their kid will claim (falsely) they were raped. And this would lead to A LOT of innocent men being chucked in jail. A law of that kind will never materialise.


Shorty - August 12

Brucen, I get what you are saying, I am just saying if this were me, I would only consider abortion if I were raped. Any other girl, its their body, and if they choose to keep their baby or not, its up to them, just they, like everyone else will live the consequences of their actions.


hiya - August 13

even if i get raped in the future i hope that i would see the light and pray that i could bring a baby that had been inocent in the situation into the world. my auntie had her baby after she was raped and she never regretted it for a second she now is married to a guy that has adopted the baby. i hope i would have the grace and act like she has.



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