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R - August 10

Well, ive read almost every question on this site and have learnt alot of different things just by reading all the support and advice that many of you have given, and just to think that the advice you give is to people who have never even met in your life. Anyway, I am 16 and 6 weeks pregnant...nothing you havent heard already right? Im in a situation where my boyfriend already has a child with his ex and despite how it all sounds we've been able to build a great relationship as best friends and as a couple. The point is, I know what my mother is sayin is true, we were irresponisible knowing that he was already in a tough situation plus i have no place to live or money to support my self and this baby. The first thing she advised me to do after seeing the doctor was to have an abortion. When i didnt say anything she knew that i was considering going through with the birth. I feel as though i have no say in this whole situation even though i know i do. I've always been against abortion but its a whole different situation when your in the position. Ive grown so attatched to this whole new person developing inside of me and no matter how i look at the situation I cant help but break down at the thought of going through with an abortion because of my own mistake. I know i wouldnt be able to live with my self and after doing more research on the numerous abortion procedures I just feel sick to my stomach. I guess i'm just afraid to explain to my mother who has had my back every step of the way and to the other people who will surely advise i get rid of this baby. Im not looking for anyone to give me an answer because that i know i need to find myself, i just need some advice or something.


2R - August 10

How about open adoption? You can still have contact with your baby. I just hope you make the right decision for your self, consider what is best for your child. Is abortion something you can live with without regret? Explore your options, and really think things through...no one can make you do anything you don't want. How does your boyfriend feel about it??


R - August 10

he was honest with me and told me that abortion might be the right way, considering the situation, but he said no matter what he or anyone else says its my decision


- August 10

please dont have an abortion, there are so many people that would love to adopt he/she. do whats right for you and not for the dad. good luck and keep us updated


C - August 10

i am strongly against abortion and i feel as if no1 should pressure you into doin sumtin that u dont wan to do or sumtin that u r not comfortable about...i tink that you should all talk n think this over carefully because there are ALOT of lovin famlies out there who would like to adopt a baby includin Cheryl Baquera :)...so think about this carefully and what ever u do plz dont consider abortion



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