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Lilly Anne - February 5

i just wanna know if theres sumone who had an abortion that could tell me about it..im getting one... and i just wanna know what to expect, what happened when u got there, how you felt, everything, afterwards how you felt, were you sick, did u have medication did you have to stay in bed, i dont mean to be nosiy and i know its probably sumthing hard to talk about, but i just wanna know from someone who had to go thru it what its like. ......


Merciii - February 5

Havent been through one myself, but you shouldnt expect any respectful answers from people on this site, you will just be called a murderer and bible bashers would try and persuade you to keep your "gift from god", or go for that ever-simple, no-thought-required option - adoption. Whether you say "should I" or not, you'd still get someone opinion rammed down your throat


Liz123 - February 5

Hi, Yeh Merciii is probley right, but i wanna help you. I haven't had an abortion myself. But i understand that you wanna know more about it. There are websites that offer the information that you need just try to google them, if you dont find them let me know ill help you. I thought about having an abortion but i didn't, and now i have 3 babies (triplets). You made a choice, and if you stand by that then you have to do it. I respect that. I wish you all the best and i hope i helped a bit. Love Liz!


iona - February 5

I had an abortion when I was 18. The physical aspect is not bad at all, it is the emotional aspect that is difficult. I DON'T regret the decision I made back then. I weighed the pros and cons of my situation and decided on terminating my pregnancy. Hopefully you have someone to support you as it is a hard time to go through. I am now older and have 2 daughters. If you come back on here and have more questions or want to know more about my experience I will gladly share with you. Sorry for your situation, its a tough one!


Grandpa Viv - February 5

Google "abortion experience" and you will find some good hits. The fact that you seem pretty matter-of-fact about it probably means that it will not be a long-lasting traumatic experience. It will be on your mind for a while, but will fade as time pa__ses. You may have to cross picket lines of right-to-lifers on the way into the clinic, and they can be pretty mean. The interviews and waiting in the clinic can drag on, but the procedure is rapid. You should be over the physical part within a few days. Good luck!


hanichan1812 - February 5

WOW...liz you have triplets??? That's awesome! Are they a handful? My nieces (twins, two girls) are about to turn four, and they are walking, talking torandoes! You must have some strength...O_O


bubbles_99 - February 5

i advise you not to and what merciii said is true they will jump through your scream like spider monkeys(thats what one of the grls told me she was gonna do)...lol... but like i tell all my friends it not only messes with you physically but mentally.... i cant stop you so i just give my advise and say no... but you do what you believe is write for you xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo savina


Lilly Anne - February 5

its just i cant do it, im all alone, i have noone, me and my best friend i grew up with arnt talking anymore, my parents kicked me out, i sleep at a friends house but even so we arnt that close, i dont have a job and im having trouble finding one i have no money im totally broke. the guy isnt around hes away 24/7 and said if he was older he would but hes not gunna be here to help me and he doesnt want it b/c me and him arnt meant to have a baby he said he would pay for any way to make it disappear and he said adoption was outta the question b/c he was adopted and he had an awful life and than idk if i could carry my child for 9months and just him/her away. and i honestly dont know what to do and im terrified and i cry everyday. and im starting to get a bump. im 8 week-9weeks. and im so confused, how can i have a child all on my own when all i can do is love it but we all know a child cant just live on love.


Grandpa Viv - February 5

A tough place to be at! HUGS. Where are you going to find the money for an abortion, anyhow? Have you talked to Planned Parenthood (1-800-230-PLAN for your local clinic). Google Grandpa Viv if you want to talk. Good luck!


amanda17 - February 5

i've had two abortions. the actual procedure isn't bad at all. they take a urine sample, an ultrasound, a blood test... the usual. then they take you into a room, give you a shot, you fall asleep and when you wake up its all over. you'll probably cramp for a day or two, and feel very dizzy right afterwards. you'll experience some bleeding and should be getting your period again in a few weeks. yes, its simple and easy and it avoids any major conflict... and i completely understand why you would want to get an abortion. however, it is extremely emotionally damaging... i was never able to forgive myself after i had it done. i'm not going to tell you what to do, just please, for your sake, don't make this decision lightly.


amanda17 - February 5

also, if you're already 8-9 weeks, you don't have much time at all to make the decision because they'll tell you to get a two day abortion if you're over 13.5 weeks. a two day abortion is much more costly, and painful. its basically giving birth prematurely, like a forced miscarriage. and its been known to cause miscarriages later in life, making it impossible for you to have kids when you want them.


grow_up - February 5

I had a very, very early abortion when I was young and honestly it was hell. You're supposed to go into a twilight sleep during the procedure. I have bad veins and after trying to get the needle in 5 times the doctor said if he didn't get it that time he'd have to numb my cervix which would be more uncomfortable. I thanks God when he said he got it, only he was wrong. I was 100% awake 100% able to feel everything inserted into my cervix. It was VERY painful and I basically ended up having the nurse hold my sholders down and ask me to try and be quiet so I wouldn't scare the other girls. I was terrified to even go to a gynocologist after that because I didn't want anyone but my now husband sticking ANYTHING near that area. For some girls it's an easy decision and an easy experience, I unfortunately didn't have that luxury. I don't want to scare you, but I don't want you to be unprepared if things don't go as easily as some of these other ladies experiences. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make.


Mandi-83 - February 5

Hi LillyAnne. I'm sorry to hear you're in such a rough situation. I can completely understand your decision to get an abortion considering your circ_mstances. I am not a bible basher, although I am a christian, and I'm not going to call you a murderer, however I just want to give you some facts and tell you a little story. First of all I am going let you know that your baby's body has already formed, and it is now in the stage of growing into itself. It's starting to make movement, it's heart has started to beat, and it's vital organs are developing, it's up to you to decide if those facts are relevant or not. And here's a little side-story: My younger sister was just 8 weeks along when she got an abortion one month ago. Now she is absolutely devestated and filled with self-hatred. She cries every day and keeps asking me why she did something so stupid. She keeps telling me she is never going to forgive herself, "I killed my own kid, it was alive and I killed it," she screamed those words out to me yesterday. I have to constantly comfort her, she is completely torn apart, definitely not the sister I have known for 17 years. She is completely traumatized. She says she still feels pregnant, and she's starting to get a bump. She is an atheist, but has started praying every day that she had a very rare "missed abortion," and is hoping she is still pregnant. She understands a child needs financial support, and now she's p__sed, she said the 600$ she paid for the abortion could've been used to help her in her pregnancy instead of destroy it. She said "I could have gone to W.I.C. for help" Please realize I am not trying to put you down in your decision at all, I beleive you should do what you feel is right, I just don't want anyone to have to go through the trauma my sister is going through now, it's very painful for her, and the people around her. Good Luck.


Naomi98 - February 5

Lilly, I'm sorry this thread is turning into a 'should you, shouldn't you' but I guess the abortion issue will always create that reaction. You've made your decision - we all know it must have been a hard one. My sister had an abortion about 10 years ago. She said the procedure was fine and she felt uncomfortable and crampy for a few days, that's all. I really hope you find someone to go with you. By the way, your guy is not showing great responsibility considering it takes two to tango. Boo hiss. Good luck hun, hope it goes ok for you.


Mandi-83 - February 6

Also I just want to make it perfectly clear that I'm not telling you not to get an abortion. I mean I did say I understood your decision. I definitely beleive you should do what you feel is right. I just included my sister's story because she thought it was right, but immediately after, she realized it was the wrong choice for her. Anyhow I want to commend you, for being so brave and facing such a tough decision. Good luck with everything :-) And may someone be there to support you all the way through.


PreciousBaby19 - February 6

I dont know what its like to go through an abortion, however i have been through a miscarriage and that pain is a hard one to deal with. If you do decide to go down this route which is up to you in the end i do reccomend that you seek some therapy. Not as if you will be mentally insane of that sort but so that you have someone to talk too since you have mentioned your a bit isolated at the moment. Your emotions can build up on you when you are left to your thoughts alone and can cause sleeping problems. Thus i have experienced. I would not recommend the adoption because its just like celebrating the death and its even harder to know that your child is out there but you can't have them. If you can't raise this child then in the end you will know what you have to do. I dont think anyone can tell you what to do. I dont know much about the procedure but i know that if you get it done before 13 weeks then there is a lesser possibility of having miscarriages later in life for when you are ready for a child. There isn't much i can say really but to maybe go some place that you feel most like yourself and listen to only your thoughts. Sit and daydream and your dreams will give you the answer. If you need to talk. I'm here. I hope i can be of some help.


CanandDave21 - February 6




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