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:( - May 17

I'm 14 do you need parental consent to have an abortion also is it free, and how do you sort that out with your doctor?


fran - May 17

are you kidding free????? heck no it costs alot to have one of those. anyways why would you want to murder your baby?


SM - May 17

Whether or not you need parental consent depends which state you live in. Your best bet is to call Planned Parenthood and set up an initial appointment with them. They will give you counseling on all of your options, and then after being informed, you can take a few days to decide what it right for your situation and your morals. If you decide to have the abortion, you will go in to the doctors office between 8-10 am, and you should plan to stay there until 1-2 pm. Given the fact that you are so young, you do not have an income, so the procedure will be free. I suggest that it be in your best interests to talk to you parents and let them know what your decision is. It may seem scary and they may be disappointed in you, but they are going to be your biggest support system. Also, if you choose not to tell them, you will have to skip an entire day of school to have the procedure done. Good luck, and seriously think about telling your parents.


:( - May 17

thank you "SM" im really scared!!!


to a murderer! - May 17

i agree with fran,dont do it!


fran - May 17

just think of that little life inside your body...the beating heart, the little kicks and squirms... there is a life growing inside your body. then one day you decide im gonna get rid of it, so you go see a doctor and he lays you on that cold table with a shot of numbing medicine. then he takes the vacc_m and starts tearing your baby to shreads. the force of the vacc_m rips off the little legs that once kicked the inside of your tummy. rips and tears apart that beating heart that once beated inside you.yeah you cant feel a thing because your all numbed up, but that precious unborn child can sure feel it. please dont do that to your child. its murder and its not right.


To Fran - May 17

You truly should not judge people for what they may or may not be doing. You are making comments to a 14 year old girl who is looking for help and guidence to the questions that she asked, not to be ridiculed by a stranger. Also, as a taxpayer, I have no problem with teenage girls, if they so choose, to have an abortion. Also, as a taxpayer, I get to pay for all the little girls who choose to have babies via their state medical being paid for them as well as their WIC. I am glad that you have your views on abortion and you would never get one, but someone else's choice or decision, is not your business. If you have some helpful words to share with her, then do so. Othewise, you should keep your opinions to yourself.


Fran - May 17

do you really think I care what you have to say....It's MURDER !!!!!!


To Fran - May 17

And others should care what you have to say? Sheesh, trying to have any type of a conversation with a teenager is obviously going no where. Please Fran, do not reproduce.


WOW - May 17



X - May 17

No you dont need to... so please go away quietly.


to X - May 17

your the one who needs to go away, this girl is thinking of killing her child. i agree with fran on this subject. see ya wouldn't want to be ya


traggy - May 17

as it was said it depends on your state whether or not you have to have parental consent. go to www.plannedparenthood.com and they will have that information there, as well as information regarding abortion, adoption, and state help if you decide to keep your baby. your best bet is to tell your parents, however if you cant tell your parents, telling someone you trust who is old enough to act in loco parentis(if you need parental consent in your state) you should be able to go to court with that person and they should be able to consent for you. you can also go to the court system alone and talk with the judge about foregoing the parental consent, thats an available option in most states. keep in mind that abortions can only be performed up to the 12th week in pregnancy, if you are after that mark, then you should get in contact with a local planned parenthood to talk about open or closed adoption, and which would be best in your case. i hope that you make the decision that is best in your mind. plenty of couples are looking to adopt


jenny - May 17

you need a parental consent to have one and if you do decide to have one you might not be able to have kids ever again so think before you do it


courtney - May 17

I was 17 when I had my first and only aborition. Now im 30 and can never have children again because the choice i made to have an aborition when i was 17 years old. i look back to that day and i wish i wouldn't have done it... i regret it everyday. that aborition that i got has prevented me from getting pregnant. my doctor says the reason why i haven't gotten pregnant was because of the aborition. please dont do it, you might regret it years down the road like i do.


? - May 17

Stupid stupid people she was not asking if you think its right, mind your own business.


??? - May 17

This is to all the people who think abortion is murder!! All you people do is put down other people. This young girl has a problem and she has come here to get answers. Why does she want an abortion? Look how old she is!! I feel sorry for the poor girl!! So what if she wants an abortion its her life not yours she can do what she wants!!



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