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jenna - June 10

Hiya i' got pregnant and had an abortion 4 months ago and now i can't think of anything else but having kids.I am 15 and know it's too young but i keep having dreams about my child and wishing i'd kept it.no matter what i do i can't escape this, everything reminds me of my abortion and i have cried non-stop for too long.I had planned everything for when my daughter would arrive, like where her crib would go and what i would do about school/college.I didn't want to have an abortion but my boyfriend pushed me into it and in the end i gave in.I feel like i'm gonna explode soon cause this is eating me up inside and not many people know and those who do say i should forget about it, i have tried - believe me but it's not that easy.I'm not sure what i'm looking for here but any advice or someone to talk to would be greatly appreciated! thanxs x


Audrey - June 10

Jenna- Your boyfriend should not have pushed you into it. It takes two to tango as they say, and his making you abort shows that he was only thinking of himself and not wanting to fess up to his responsibilities. Don't listen to those people who will call you a murderer for aborting your child (there are plenty of them on this site). Getting over an abortion or a miscarriage takes time. Try dealing with your feelings constructively, like writing a letter to the child, or painting a picture. It'll be hard but you'll feel better afterwards. When I miscarried at 13 weeks I wrote a story about it and it helped a lot. Best wishes!


to;jenna - June 10

im sorry you felt you got pushed into it,but you should have faced your responsibilities then,but now you have the price to pay for taking an innocent life,i know i'll get abuse for saying this,but i cant help the way i feel about this,its the worst thing that any mother to be can do....


LIsa - June 10

You're feelings are normal jenna, you made a decision on what was best for you at the time. I would definitely consider seeking professional counselling. The feelings of despair and loss will lessen over time and you feeling won't consume your thoughts so much. Be kind to yourself and try to focus on the positive reason as opposed to the negative. I know its not easy. p.s to the above post...your comment was totally unnecessary, try to be a bit more tactful.


meg - June 11

i think audrey is right,but i think u just want a kid now 2 make up for what u did.


to;lisa - June 11

that was me being tactful,dont get me started on abortion is murder......etc!


Loren - June 11

I had an abortion 2 years ago, and still regret it. It is something I will always kick myself for... I cried for a year after and every April (when the baby was due) I get really depressed. The main part is just wanting to know... would it have been healthy? would it have been a boy or girl? when would the date be? would it resemble me or the father... it was the best decision since I was only 16... but I do not think I would ever have an abortion again. Have a little ceremony maybe so you can put it to rest... or write a poem or life story of what you would've wanted their life to be like.....


Kei - June 12

Your boyfriend is a b___d. If he wasn't prepared to take responsibility, then he shouldn't have been having s_x with you. I'm sorry that he pressured you into something that is obviously causing you pain, but maybe it was for the best. Obviously he wouldn't have taken responsibility, and while you would have had a baby to love, I doubt you would have been able to give it the care it would have needed. Also it wouldn't have had a real father, judging by your guy's att_tude.


Carri - June 13

Hi Jenna, don't worry about some of the judgemental people on this site... you would think they died on the cross or something. Unfortunately, what's done is done and obviously it's not possible to take it back but I certainly wouldn't recommend compounding your mistake by getting pregant again at your early age. I do agree that you should seek professional counseling and find a way to move forward and focus on the positives. Good Luck to ya hon and don't let anyone talk down to you.



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