Abortion IS SAD

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Christy - February 21

So many people get abortions without understanding what they are doing. They are uninformed, because our schools would rather call the baby a parasite than tell young girls how developed a baby is at two months. One picture of a 12 week old baby sucking its thumb would definately melt some girls hearts. Girls........ think this thing through........ think about your baby. It isn't a parasite, it is YOUR child. It feels pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mommy2Kylie - February 21

Im sorry, do you know every woman in the world whose had an abortion? Please come here with facts if you want to argue this, and not just your close-minded opinion. Im sure lots of woman who are considering abortion read up on it. Their only 'uninformed' because YOU think abortion is wrong. I know how developed a baby is at two months, but somehow I doubt you do. Seeing a baby sucking its thumb on an ultra sound wouldn't melt my heart if I wasn't fincially ready. Maybe it wld melt my heart for a minute. But not enough to make me bring another child into this world when I don't have the money. How do you know the FETUS (which, little girl, Im sorry, thats what it is) feels pain? Do you have facts that backs that up? Do you have proof that an 8 week old fetus can feel and understand whats going on? You're just dumb, and your argument isn't valid, and has absolutley no facts. You're done.


Audrey - February 22

Christy- Abortion might be sad but sometimes it's necessary. Suppose you were raped and you got pregnant, would you want to keep that reminder of a painful experience? Suppose you were pregnant and your doctor told you that you can't carry to term because of some medical problem? That's when it becomes a matter of the woman's quality of life.


Shaina - February 22

abortions are horrible but at certian times worth it. I had an abortion at 14 but i regret it now and will for the rest of my life. At the time it seemed like the right thing to do but now i know the pain i still carry from it is worse then having a child


layla - February 22

I agree with Christy ....abortions are sad. (Especially the way alot of young girls use it as a form of birth control.) There is always another option. It is called ADOPTION.


to mother2kylie - February 22

There is much proof that a baby feels pain. It squirms when it is poked. Some mothers that have had abortions have reported feeling the baby thrash inside of them as it's poisoned. Your response sounds very self-centered. YOu would rather kill a baby, than make the proper sacrifices necessary and own up to one's responsibilites. It isn't about money.... it is about life.


to Mommy2kylie - February 22

Having a baby doesn't have to cost anything with open adoption. So, that's not really a good argument. Oh and to Audrey........ very few women who have abortions have been raped, so let's just say that this discussion is referring to the rest of the abortions.


from Chris - February 22

I am not talking about shutting down clinics, or forcing people to keep their babies. Did I say that???????????? I am talking about information and support. Alot of young girls do not know about other options, they panic and get an abortion........... that is what I am talking about. If a young girl cares enough about her baby feeling pain....... maybe she's one of the one's that should think about going through with the pregnancy. If she is that sensitive to her baby........ she probably WILL regret the abortion later. That is what I am talking about. Mommy2Kylie your the type of person who wouldn't regret the abortion......... I am not talking to people like you...... I am talking to people like Shaina. She wishes that she had know of other options. Her baby could be alive, if someone had helped her. I'm sorry Shaina that know one was there for you!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT sort of Tragedy is all of our faults!


Mommy2Kylie - February 22

Now your argument is Adoption? Im sorry, but for a woman who doesn't want to go through THE PREGNANCY (like I said before, but obviously people can't read) adoption is not the answer. She'd end up having to go through a pregnancy she didn't want, which changes her body forever, go through the pain, just to give the baby and and *hope* it actually ends up having a good life, which is unlikely. Im selfish because my views are different than yours? Lets not call names, and make a__sumptions when debating this topic. If you can't act like an adult then you don't need to be here arguing this. What I think is selfish, is someone who forces, or guilts another woman into keeping her baby just because *you* think its right. Its selfish to turn that child into a punshiment, its selfish to bring a child into this world when you can't even support yourself, its selfish to put a child through the foster care system because you don't think abortion was an option. Just because a fetus wiggles doesn't mean it can feel and understand whats going on. They don't even understand whats going on when their born, let alone when their only a 4 week old fetus. You can get over that right now. Thanks. Whether a woman was raped or not, she has rights to her body that NO ONE else has. Its none of YOUR buisness or anyone elses what someone does with their bodies, so stop obsessing.


tara - February 22

How can there be pain when the brain is not developed enough to sufficiantly controll things yet. Only muscels respond to the brain and this in only a reflex and nothing else. I agree that a girl/woman should be educated on all options open to her but what ever she chooses adoption or abortion, should be supported! For some adoption works better, and for others abortion is a better choice. Not everyone can bring a baby to ful term and allow another to raise that child! I'm sure under the cerc_mstances Shaina did what she thought was best at the time...and who knows if she had knowledge about adoption she may still ave choosen differently. Education on this subject and research on the facts is key. Everyone is different and responds differently to this subject...and one's story is different from anothers. There is not a right or wrong answer to this but the only thing women should be doing for eachother is support and not try to change someone elses mind with other people's stories.


layla - February 22

Mommy2Kylie, it is SELFISH to have s_x knowing what could come of it ...an innocent child, and then decide "oh well, the s_x was fun, but I'm not ready for a baby" .....


RE: Layla - February 22

You think its selfish for a GROWN woman, and GROWN man, using protection to prevent a pregnancy, and when they get pregnant make a decision together that suits them. You don't get to go around telling people their selfish because they don't agree with what you believe in. Grow up honey, come back here when you can debate like a big girl.


Mommy2Kylie - February 22

There is nothing 'selfish' about having s_x. What IS selfish, is people like you who force and guilt other woman into keeping a baby they weren't ready for, all because its what *YOU* would do. Thats nice that you wouldn't give them. But you absolutley do not get to go around calling people selfish and making a__sumptions about people you don't know. You need to take a step back little girl. You're not the boss of anyone. I don't think you'd want someone telling you what to do with your body.


to:mommy2kylie - February 22

YOU need to learn how to not be patronizing, calling people "little girl" "big girl" when you don't have an idea how old they are. Does it make you feel grown up and special to talk down to the rest of us? Frankly, if you're going to smudge your big eggo all over this forum, find that more mature website where you belong, and leave the poor teens and "little girls" here alone. I don't know your age......... but if you're young, then probably the "litttle girls" you're referring to are older than you........ if you're older........ get off this TEEN website..... AND if you want to stay on this website my opinion is that you should keep your rants to yourself.


??? - February 22

Mommy2Kylie, how old are you anyway?


layla - February 22

Beings Mommy2Kylie brought up all the things that were selfish in one of her posts, I decided to include another. I did NOT in any way push my beliefs on anyone, just stated a fact. I don't care if you use protection, birth control, etc ....there is still a CHANCE that you might get pregnant when having s_x. Any "big girl" would know that.


Kay - February 23

Mommy2kylie you last post on this fourm , be a great idea if you used your own words on you self . Everything you said preety much summed up what you are. :D



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