Abortion Or I Will Be On The Streets

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steffany - October 1

i am in some really big trouble. i just found out i was pregnant a few days ago, and i told my parents. my mom kicked me in my stomach( well, she didnt get much of it because i jumped back) and she called me a little whore, and that i was going to get an abortion as soon as possible. im 16, and my boyfriend wants to get married, but i dont because i dont want to get married just because im pregnant. my dad yelled at me and called me a s___t, and told me that i deserved it for sleeping around. i dont sleep around. me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 4 years. they told me that if i didnt abort it, they would kick me out. and i have to make up my mind by october 5 or im gone. i dont have anywhere else to go. except to my 23 year old sister's house, and she might not let me stay because she had 2 abortions because mom and dad threatened her if she didnt. i am in so much trouuble. i know my dad really will kick me out. i can just imagine me and my baby on the street begging for food. and i know that we can afford it because ive always been able to get anything i want. my parents are never, ever home, and they never gave me" the talk" so you guys who have parents who annoy you, and make sure they know where you are at all times, you really have no idea how lucky you are. id give anything to have parents like that. i just think that my parents dont want a baby in the house. i refuse to even consider abortion. no way. wait- im pretty sure my boyfirend's family will take me in.


Kari - October 1

Talk to your sister, she's about my age and I'm sure she'll be understanding as she has obviously been through this herself. Ask for her help as soon as you can and speak to your boyfriend's family too, maybe his mum will be more sympathetic towards you than your own is being. Sorry you're having to go through this. I wish you all the best sweetheart and I admire you for sticking to your own beliefs. That's a good starting point. xxx


Shorty - October 3

Dont let anyone force you to do anything, contact you local government body or family planning and let them know the situaition, i know in Australia you can get emergency housing and welfare payments for being a single mum and out of home. Explore your options and find some support with your boyfriend and some close friends. Please dont feel you are alone. What your folks are doing is SO wrong. Love of a parent is supposed to be unconditional... and kicking their daughter out or forcing her to have an abortion, is not love... I pray things will go well for you.


Julie - October 3

I definitely do not agree w/abortion. However, it has to be your choice. Don't let your parents pressure you, ok? I think you should talk to your sister. Your sister might be more help than what you think especially if your parents "made" her have an abortion. If they did she may regret it and be more help to you than you will ever know. In the meantime, can your boyfriend's family help? Will they let you move in? Also, check into local health clinics or planned parenthood they might be able to a__sist you. On a different note, I am so sorry that your parents are treating you the way they are. The problem is them not you. No mother should ever try to kick her daughter regardless. Keep your head high, honey and good luck.


steffany - October 20

ok. ive been able to push the date back a little, but not for long. i have to tell them an answer by november 30th. i got them to do it by telling them that i was seriousley thinking about abortion( which IS NOT true) and that i just needed time to set up a day. they dont know how far along i am, and i am trying to get it so that i get far enough along where i cant get an abortion. they think that im like 2 wks, and im about 2 months. dont ask me how i only found out recently. i just kept thinking that if i acted like i wasnt pregnant, it'd go away. i think ill tell them on november 30th that im not having an abortion, or until then, pretend that i got it, while making plans with my sister.


kia - October 21

good luck!


meme - October 22

i hope it all works out for the best


name - October 23

It is illegal to force abortion on any woman.You have a right to a personal choice.and you are doing the right thing by standing up for your beliefs. Things will work out in the end. it will be difficult, but a baby who loves you unconditionally and to know that you have not abandoned your baby the way your parents have abandoned you will be the most rewarding feeling.


Danielle - October 30

I think your parents are like that b/c you are only 16 y/o and you are gonna have a child. Your parents have no right to kick you out just b/c you are pregnant.


Jennie.P - October 31

I'm glad you're making the right decision. There is lots of help out there for you. I don't know about the laws in the states, but here in Canada, we have Mother's Alowance, which is similar to welfare, and with one baby, you are ent_tled to $975.00/month which would cover a small apartment and food/utillites/etc. As well as Baby Bonus which anyone who has a baby is automatically given which is about another $200.00 a month. Good luck, keep us posted!



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