Abortion Process

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adam - December 5

1. how the abortion process been done? i mean the process in the clinic. 2. is it painful? 3. are there any traditional way to do it? or in other words, do it yourself (DIY).


... - December 5

OMG please if you have an abortion DON'T try to do it urself!!! Not only u risk the the babies life but also the mothers.


My experience - December 5

You go into the clinic/hospital, they put you to sleep then they suction the fetus tissue out. you then wake up,they give you pills incase you get tummy cramps then you go home - simple & better than having a baby


slou - December 6

well im off to have an abortion if it turns out that im pregnant n i no from some ones experience that it dont hurt. but dont do it your self u will put the mother at risk n u dont no what ur odoin


Jennifer - December 6

They don't necessarily put you to sleep. Most often you are given a muscle relaxer. After it has time to take effect, they use a series of very small rods to dialate your cervix to the size of the suctioning device. This process is not exactly pleasant but it is very bearable. It is very much like strong period cramps for the average person. The suctioning device is inserted and the tissue is removed. You are required to take a prescription that helps your cervix to close back up - a pill every fso many hours for about 24 hours after the procedure. This is important as it helps prevent complications such as infection and bleeding. You are most often told to take over the counter pain reliever for cramps and to come back for a checkup to make sure you are coming along properly. S_x is not advised for several weeks afterwards because your cervix needs time to close back properly.


E - December 7

Jennifer is right on. I recieved a few injections of a novocaine-like substance, but stronger. The cramps were like those of a heavy period. The procedure was over very quickly.


apple - December 7

what if you can fill the pain because of when they put you asleep it doesnt works how much does it cost?



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