About 2 Months To Go And Baby Is Kicking All The Time

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Little Sister - April 24

The doctor said it normal for the baby to move and kick but it seems like he is kicking all the time. Most of the time it just little feet poking or moving but some times it a real kick and he likes to use my blatter as a ball. Is this normal? How did you deal with it? He likes night time the best and it seems like im going to the bathroom about every hour.


hey - April 24

Is this the same little sister that slept with her sister's husband???


maya - April 24



maya - April 24

she is lyin. i think this is fake. duh ur pregnant. the baby is goin to kick. if this is true i want to see pics.


little sister - April 24

I'm dealing with the same problem, I wonder if he ever sleeps. This happens when you are close to delivering ur baby. I got one month to go and I'm going crazy..


A little sister - April 25

You are so grose! How dare you even call you're self a sister! You are more like a snake! I hope you're sister find's out and kik's you're a__s! How could you do this to you're own sister? you make me sick! dont you know the code of sister hood? YOU DO NOT HOOK UP WITH ANYONE WHO YOU'RE SISTER HAS BEEN WITH OR HAS DATED OR HAS HAD s_x WITH!!!!!!!!! and for you to have s_x with her husband is just wrong!!!!! you need to be on jary springer. I would never do that to my big sister, but thats because I have a heart and I love my sister! what, you are so pathetic that you cant even get you're own man? Huney just so you know you are letting him have his cake and eat it too. If he loved you and wanted to be with you why would he be married to you're sister???? And you say you make love to him every saturday, It's more like you are getting sloopy seconds off you're sister you are a nasty hoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and now every one knows it. I just hope you're child is nothing like you!!!!!!!!!!


a lil sister - April 25



maya - April 25

i want to kick her trampy a$$. who else.


ME - April 26

I wouldnt like to give the dork the satisfaction of responding but.. Haha as if you'd call yourself 'Little Sister'. What a silly little b___h you are.


katie - April 26

well i think this is fake too....but if u were round 32weeks pregnant of course the baby wud b kickin loads and u wud b peein loads too..its the normal thing =) anyways xxx katie


Jane - April 27

Wow your child has miraculously changed s_x! I quote from 22 February: "We planed our daughter, yes I know its a girl according to the ultrasound exam last week".


Jane - April 27

At least try and remember your lies.


becca - April 27

matbe this some body else not realising onother gal was called lil sister and i think the person whos name was lil sister n said i feel the same wid 1 mnth to go was sumbodey else but usin the t_tal to address it to lil sister!


becca - April 27

sos about all da mistakes im usin 1 hand n b___stfeed ma baby to sos hope u get me drift thou



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