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chris - February 9

first I am not judging any "person" I am juding THE ACTION. Abortion is killing another human being, so how is that NOT murder? It is intentional? but the word "murder" just sounds too HARSH and HORRID. So let's not call it murder......... let's call it "termination". How is it that we look down our noses at more primitive societies that dispose of babies on rubish piles, but we are prepared to defend sucking a little human apart with a vac_me, or chopping it with a knife. We then call that "choice". Aborting a baby, is NOT like removing a tumor! You are destroying it's body. To those out there defending that it is "not" murder, you have to deny that baby the "rights" of a human being.


in canada - February 9

In Canada there was a woman who stuck a pellet gun up her....... just three days before the due date and shot her baby. She got off because it was "her choice". Think about the direction abortions have taken us? I'm totally with you there!


Chrissy - February 9

I am totally with you. I think that it is murder. For those of you who think that it is not murder I have a website for you to go to. http://www.mttu.com/abort-pics/


to Chrissy: - February 9

That website is SO DISTURBING. I feel sick..... thanks for that. What have we come too? ALL PEOPLE WHO COMMENT AND DEFEND ABORTION.............. GO SEE THAT WEBSITE FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


tammy - February 9

That website would make any mother know what to do.............. it makes up your mind for you!!!!!!!!!


KM - February 9

Give it up, this debate has been going on forever, your posts won't change anything. It's a personal, controversial subject. And second of all, that website is pro-life propaganda, Not unbiased information on abortions. And don't think I'm being negative towards these posts because I am all for abortions, Personally, they are not my choice. But I believe its personal and you should not judge.


chris - February 9

Don't worry I am not judging....... I just want everyone to have the chance to make a decision they won't regret. ALot of people regret abortions later, because they didn't know what it actually did. What's wrong with pro-life pictures........ it's better than pro-death add campaigns with pictures of mothers always smiling happily, no they never show the tears!


chris - February 9

or the pieces of a chopped up baby. You're right it is a personal decision.......... but I think we as a society, should help the undecided..... choose life.


........... - February 9



Pro-choicer - February 9

Decisions decisions... we all make our own. Tell me how a woman you've never known ofs decision to terminate personally affects you?


re pro-choicer - February 9

It affects society's view of "human life" as a whole, therefore every abortion affects all of us, because of what it is that we "allow" and "support" and "fund"


Pro-choicer - February 9

Not a straight answer. I asked how it affected you PERSONALLY


? - February 9

Let me ask you- do you believe in re-encarnation. If so than you would know that these "babies" would have a better life as someone else as their parents- in another time. If the mother isn't ready- she isn't ready that is her choice to make not yours! you don't know what kind of life they have- if they have enough money or space to raise a child- having a baby is a lot of work and something not to be taken granted for!


? - February 9

reincarnation? yea maybe in their next life they will be a dog and get ran over by a car.


Hilary - February 10

Chrissy, nobody wants to see that... I don't defend abortion, but showing confused girls that stuff is WRONG Chrissy!


Mommy - February 10

Its not murder because it is legal, and right for a woman to chose what happens with HER body. Those babies that get dumped in garbage cans are babies born to Mothers who were forced to carry the baby instead of abort. I'd much rather have a woman abort, then bring a child into this world, and THEN kill it. Or just abuse and neglect it its whole life. Chopping it with a knife? You're highly misinformed, and until you get some facts please don't come spewing your garbage around these forums. What gives a baby more rights over MY body then me? It doesn't, that is my body, I have to go through it, and its my choice and no one elses, and if someone has a problem with it they can kiss my a__s, and I'll still get one.


re: Mommy - February 10

Your reply is very sad...... have you looked at the pictures of what you are promoting? So, just because you are bigger your rights matter more than the babies? If I use "my body" and strap a hand granade to it and b__w myself up......... and kill you in the process........ I guess that's not wrong either, because it's my body, and your life is insignificant compared to mine!!!!!! How is dropping a baby in a garbage worse than poisoning it, and sucking it out with a vac_me. ALot of Mom's can feel the baby thrashing while it is poisoned you know. Your view is typical of our very SELFCENTERED society. They USED to chop the baby up (if it was too far along) and then suck it out.......... and put the pieces back together to make sure they didn't miss anything.



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