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suzan - October 24

sorry i couldnt send it below that's true they may be afraid to get B/C but I still don't find that right reason to get an abortion and it don't matter if their parents say no or not they still give B/C at like free clinics or planned parenthood without parents consent. I don't agree with the sentence "Then when they get pregnant, the parents have to do something about it." since my parents did nothing about it they made it my choice. but I do agree talking to the teens should be one of parents first steps after they become teen so they understand what can happen and that they'll be there if they want B/C or w/e. I never said B/C was 100% I know its not since I got pregnant using protection with the baby I'm about to have. but it would cut WAY down on the abortions TEENS are having...this shyt is just making us teens that do care about their kids look bad! yea the people who ask bout it have a right but not when people are trying to convince others that that's the way to go that's not fuking right! but like ive said more then enough times WHY NOT JUST PUT EM UP FOR ADOPTION?! Wow one girl 5 abortions? are you serious?! that's a whole family right there well sh__l have to deal with the guilt later on in life ...imnot only telling the GIRLS to use protection i seen GUYS talk on here too this is for both s_xes! and yes women have a right to THEIR bodies NOT their babies BODIES!!!! im a single teen mother i didnt have anything before my first son! i still gave him a chance. the ONLY chance is never abortion!!! unless its a life threatning thing! these women are just fukin selfish!!! it may be their right to kill some child that didnt do shyt to them but try and be born ITS NOT THEIR FAULT YOU WOMEN AND MEN THAT ARENT READY HAD TO GO HAVE SEX! but dont come on here telling the other very impresionable young teen mommy to be how to make yourself have an abortion or send them to sites that can hurt them


CAROL - October 24

Suzan, if abortion is outlawed, the population explosion will be immense. Teens/young women have the most abortions, statistically. If every aborted embryo was instead walking this earth, the impact on life as we know it would be enormous. The amount of stress on an already stressed government would break the welfare system. Taxes would be raised to pay for all of these children. It is a fact of life that people will have s_x, often unprotected. By not aborting the embryos, they make life harder for everyone. I believe abortion is a personal decision, and not one that can be taken lightly. Who says who can get an abortion? If you were raped by your brother and became pregnant, is it okay to abort the embryo? If the child is a product of a rape? Where do you draw the line? Birth control isn't always free or cheap, in this country. In my home country, is was very affordable, and the abortion rates are much lower. The problem is that MEN are running the United States and creating a problem by sticking to the "Christian Roots". They need to walk into reality, and soon.


My 2 cents - October 24

Quote: "it may be their right to kill some child" You need to remember that "murder" and "killing" is your opinion and not the fact. (Not that there is anything wrong with having that opinion)The debate on whether nor not it is considered murder has long been debated in the courts. ..... I will agree with you on one point, that we need better eduation and free b/c to those who need it as it would indeed cut way down on the pregnancy rates....as for what people say on these baords, I think it is very appropriate for someone to offer information (or even Web site links) on the pro's OR the con's of abortion. Giving information is one thing, actually telling someone what to do...that is another.


mmm - October 24

JUST put them up for adoption?? Oooohhhh its so clear now! Thats sooo much easier isnt it?! What has it got to do with you anyway? God you people need to find something to do other than interfering in other peoples lives. Guess what - you AREN'T going to stop it happening. You all need to get over it and mind oyur own businesses.


OMG - October 24

I actually agree with Carol.


Rachel - October 25

I agree with you completely, and yes, she's had 5 abortions, and its so sad...I don't think I'd be able to look at myself in the mirror after that. I really do think birth control either needs to be cheap or free, and not just at planned parenthood, it would decrease the amount of unwanted pregnancies a lot. Some girls are really desperate to kill their babies too, I just read a post from some girl who seriously wanted to know how much she had to drink before her baby would die, so, telling them, hey, if you shove a clothes hanger up there, you can give yourself an abortion, they just might do it and end up seriously hurting themselves.


hmmm - October 25

At first i was oging ot make acomment on the girl who had 5 abortions...but then I remembered this is supposed to be a forum to give support and encouragment to pregnant teens not to put anyone down ortell them whether or not to have abortions. I personally do not believe in abortion, but thats my opinion. I would like to say that abortion is not a contraceptive. And I think it's sad that so many people take it soo lightly. If someone doesnt want children then they should not be s_xually active. The natural reason for intercourse is to reproduce, and if thats not your goal then I feel you should abstain.


To Carol - October 26

What? In the future we are going to have a problem of the younger generation not having enough people to pay for social security when they get old in the future. We desperately need more people in the U.S.!


CAROL - October 26

The United States is aready overpopulated. You have to be kidding.


? - October 26

More people ? HA!


Rachel - October 26

What I mean by abortion is being used as a contraception, is that a lot of girls who don't want to use protection have the mentality, "Well, if I get pregnant, I can always have an abortion" Because someone's gonna pay for them to do it...I'm not saying everybody, just some, and I just think its a little sad. And I really don't think the US is overpopulated...Come on now, this isn't China


CAROL - October 26

How can you say the US isn't overpopulated? You point out that China is, and yes, this is true. And look at the laws they have inst_tuted to control the population! The United States is smaller than Canada in land size, but has hundreds of millions more occupants. It is overpopulated. Take it from someone who has lived in both countries.


To Carol - October 26

Then, why is there going to be a social security problem one day? Because there won't be enough people to pay for the social security checks. The young generation cannot even count on social security. They will probably have to work the rest of their lives! The U.S. is not overpopulated. I don't believe that you have lived in 2 countries! Weren't you the one that once claimed to be 14 years old?!


CAROL - October 26

I am 15 now, actually. How come you can't believe that I have lived in two countries? Parents move, you understand. I'm sure there are other ladies here who have moved in their lives. Anyway, I didn't say anything about a social security problem. Someone said that the US isn't China, and while this is true, who's to say that the population won't explode if abortions are outlawed, or "unwanted" children are born into this world? Often, a lot of reason why people have to work for the rest of their lives is because they are uneducated and work in low paying jobs. Maybe they don't personally save up for retirement. If you have a job and have your paystub handy, you'll see one of the deductions is for social security tax. If you pay into it, you'll reap the benefits, if you live into your later years.


To Carol - October 26

You need to take an economics cla__s. That's all I have to say.


CAROL - October 26

While I'm at it, perhaps you could use a reality check: "I don't believe you have lived in two countries!" As if I'm carrying you around on my back while you're recording my life's truths.


Just my input - October 27

Okay I know this is a site for support and advice, but I have an idea to prevent overpopulation and abortion. Seriously, if you think about it, how many people die each day? A bunch. And instead of abortion, why not just automatically give the moms and dads that kill their kids (and no I don't mean by abortions, I mean actually killing them after birth) the death penalty? It's very sad to say but for every mom and dad that end up killing their children they take away a life that is overpopulating America. If they automatically get the death penalty that's many more people who won't be overpopulating our country. So why should we keep killing the innocent babies that didn't do anything but give the people that do deserve to die a trial? Does this make sense to anyone else?



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