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V9653 - October 11

Hey sweetie, I have to say I have been stalking your myspace for the bumpwatch!!!! That belly is gorgeous! Also how the h__l did time fly by sooo friggin fast???? Anyway thanks for keepn it updated! I LOVE LOVE LOVE bump watches-just sux that idiots out there are perving that all up when it really is such a beautiful thing. Anywho, how is everything??? Also, I have to ask this really stupid question to u and anyone else, does being slim before pregnancy cause any skin issues with all the stretchn? I'm askin because I was thin before pregnancy but not that thin, but a gained a little weight everywhere before my belly came in so my bumpwatch didn't look anything like yours. If I ever have another baby I want to get down to about 115-118 lbs and get fit again (I was always a fit 125-130 before the baby), plus try to stay fit throughout the pregnancy (unlike last time cuz I had so many issues) and I always wondered if it was more uncomfortable, does it leave you more stretched out, more stretch marks, more itching-stuff like that.


amanda17 - October 11

I know! I was just looking at her bumpwatch, it's so cute! Oh to answer your question I was a bit under 110 prepregnancy, I only used lotion for like a week when I started showing and I didn't have itchy skin at all, and no stretchmarks on my belly... some on my b___bs and b___t, but they're already fading. The one's on my b___t I really bad I swear it got bigger than my belly did hahaha


newbaby2009 - October 11

Same here. I was 125 pre-pregnancy. Which is pon the low side for my height. I did use tummy b___ter everyday, though i dont really think it makes a difference. They say look at your mom to see if you're going to get stretch marks. If she did you most likely will, vise versa. It depends on the elasticity of your skin. That being said, im sure overweight people are less likely to get them bcuz they're skin doesnt stretch near as much. Sounds like common sense to me. I got them on my b___bs and b___t and they faded to a light silver color. I didnt get any on my hips or stomach and i gained much more weight then i should have. I know people who were tiny throughout pregnancy and got tons of stretch marks. So there again it depends on your skin. I did itch a little more the bigger i got. Im 21 weeks now and the itching has started. Im hoping stretch marks dont depend on the number of pregnancies as well!! I did have a quite saggy stomach afterwards but it tightened up in like 6 weeks or so and i didnt work out or anything.


V9653 - October 12

Thanks ladies, I know it's such a vain thing to talk about, but I mean when you have a little extra weight, you don't get to watch the progress as well. If I ever have any more little people, I want to be slimmer so I can really see the "pop" instead of it being the food baby before the baby. I mean I want to get down in weight anyway, and tighten up because school online and being mommy has made me soft, if you know what I mean. I'm blessed to have good genes, but I could be tighter. But I definitely want to be thinner and healthier before I get pregnant again, and I'm thinking maybe I'll have less health issues than I had before. I know that sounds weird because I'm not big at all, but pregnancy did a number on my short little body. I need to build stamina, etc. I had gotten a little scared though because I've heard from many people who stayed tiny through pregnancy and were all stomach, that their skin was like on fire all of the time, and they couldn't scratch because that made stretch marks worse. Curiosity got the best of me when looking at your pics Tess.


amanda17 - October 12

A lot of people told me I was all belly. My mom weighed like 90 pounds when she got pregnant with me (23 years old--- her second baby!!!) She never had ANY stretch marks and went right back to her old jeans. She's not so skinny anymore though, she started to get bigger after she lost all her pregnancy weight (about 3 months pp... she sucks haha)


AddysMummy - October 12

Scratching doesn't make it worse lol.. but you can cut the top of your skin! Which sucks! And don't worry about asking, no biggie!!


amanda17 - October 12

I remember my belly was really sensitive... the slightest scratch and it would turn purple. I wonder why that is...?


AddysMummy - October 13

No idea, mine wasn't, but I could scratch open the skin. I had a stretchmark break above the skin the other day, so that's why I have to use lotion and be super careful.



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