Adopt My Baby In Philadelphia Pa Please

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amy - August 20

I am giving my baby to a person near or in philadelphia i will have to ask alot of queations and would like the people to be 30 or older i dont want a person my age taking care of the baby please let me know if intersted.Thanks


gina - August 20

I would like to i live in nj right over the bridge email me at


Cheryl - August 20

I would love to talk to you please email me


Donna - August 20

Hi Amy, Please email me at Donna


nicole - August 21

yes we wold love to welcome your child into our home! please e-mail me at :


to amy - August 21

Try an Adoption Agency. Adoption agency will help you and your baby out. Look into open adoption. The internet is not the best place to find a family. Take care


+ - August 21

angencies r the WRONG way to go!!! i wont be able to see my baby till he's 18. they told me i didn't read the small print and when i asked to see it they said NO!!!


Amy - August 21

Hey i went to the emails you said and it didn"t work


Jen - August 21

HI there. We are from NJ and really want to find a birthmom close to us and you are!! My husband and I are 34 years old and we have a 3 year old son. Here is our website, it has our email address, pics, and more about us. We would love to hear from you Amy!!!


Jen - August 21

me again..we will work with an agency or attorney. whatever you want. we live close..i hope we hear from you.


cute - August 21

cute family Jen!!


Donna - August 21

Hi Amy, Which email addresses didn't work? mine is Hope to hear from you, Donna


? - August 21

Are you from PA Donna? Please only put your state and how to contact. I want a family from PA or close.


for everyone who answered - August 21

I just caught my brother on here my name is kiki i am a member on here he was wrighting this message i am sorry for his lies.


? - August 21

your brother need help you should not play with people like that i know its not your falt but talk to him


nicole - August 22

did my e-mail not work? i hope that you contact me soon and we can talk! i hope to hear from you soon!!!!


me - August 22

nicole are you from PA?



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