Adopt My Baby In Philadelphia Pa Please

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me - August 22

nicole are you from PA?


Donna - August 22

Hi, We are in Kentucky. I hope to hear from you. Donna


gross - August 22

F u c k its sick that people still do this s h i t over the net... it disgusting and just proving that you were too young and immature to get pregnant in the first place. The people answering you could be paedolphiles or anything, did u ever think of that? Its disgusting.... be a responsible MOTHER and go through an adoption agency. Think of your baby.... its just wrong. Shame on you


hmm - August 23

what a coincidence the emails 'didnt work'.


// - August 23

Just because someone goes through an agency does not mean their child is safe from poedophiles and danger. There are people who have paid to buy their babies from agencies and then beat them to death or s_xually abuse them.People have adopted children from agencies and later found out those children were stolen from their parents and sold for money.


amy - August 23

only loooking for people near PA


nicole - August 23

to Amy: no but i am close by and we would make sure that you stayed in contact with the baby and we would also come to visit every so often!!!! please e-mail me and we can talk more!!!!


Jenny - August 23

Sounds like you want an open adoption. Research open adoption on line for more information. Also, the law changes on open adoption based on the state that the child is born in. Most individuals who are looking into adoption want to legally adopt the child, so that's why it is important for you to research this, if you want future contact. I'm in the process of adopting and I am going through out of Ohio. Everyone there loves children and they have placed almost 1,000 children since 2000. They are the best. You call all the shots. You pick the adoptive parents from profiles and picture books. You both decide on how open you want the process to be. Exchange pictures, email, visits, etc. The individuals who are looking to adopt, like myself, know that this agency provides legal protection for all parties and even couseling for all parties involved. The adoptive parents pay all the bills, even your medical ones if you need them, and they/we also pay for trips and hotel stays. Our bills can range from $8,000-$20,000 BUT the money is well worth it because there are professional counselors, case workers, attorneys there to help both parties meet their needs. ***Also, as a side note, the research shows that open adoptions benefit the birth mother, the baby and the adoptive parents. If an agency is trying to tell you that you will have no contact with your child until they are 18, then they may have some adoptive parents who want a closed adoption. Closed adoption is not good at all, for parties involved. Just make sure you get an open adoption and find a family that you feel you can trust, who will hold to their agreement with you. In some states, even with an open adoption, the law does not inforce that they keep the agreement with you. I guess what I am trying to say, is if you want to have contact with your baby, then do your research online and consider going through an agency who encouraged open adoption and has a good track record of placing children and working with both birth parents and adoptive parents.


nicole - August 28

AMY!!!!! are you out there? we havent heard from you in a while and i just wanted to make sure that you were ok!!!!!


Jenny - August 28

Hi, I posted before on 8/23 but wanted to give you my email address, in case you have any more question! You can reach me at!


to amy - August 29

why just in phildelphia, u can have an open adoption with anyone in any state


butlertrinity - September 3

PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me! I would love to talk to you about your baby!! PLEASE!


Michelle - October 2

Amy my husband and I live in New Jersey, he is in the military so your baby will have every thing they could ever want or need and they will have 2 parents who will love them. We have been trying to have a baby now for 4 years and now luck. Please email am at We would love to here from you.


Ashlie - October 2

The "amy" that posted this message was actually a little brother of a girl named KIKI, plz read before replying.. and good luck to all the women awaiting their bundles of joy wheather they be pregnant or adopting.


dobbie43 - May 14

Hello..Amy. our names are Jerry & Ami Carmichael we are a black & white couple from Lancaster,pa. also we do have a 8 y/o daugher of our own. we woule love to give your baby a home with us right now also jerry is 45 y/o & i am 32 years old. so if you want to konw more about us you can just call us any time at our home# or jerry's cellphone#. here is our homephone # 717-569-1396 and here is jerry's cell phone# 717-203-6478. we hope that you will let us be your baby's adopted parents & big sister kelan. Sincerly your adopted family from Lancaster,pa. Jerry & Ami Carmichael.


Lexa - May 14

This thread is two years old!!!



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