Adoption 3 Weeks Old To Late Please Answer

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new mommy - January 30

my baby was 3 weeks thursday, and i want to give him up for adoption but dont know if its to late. its better for both of us considering my age - thats another story - i also feel like im being mean and unresponsible because i should have made up my mind by now and if i wanted this i should have planned it before he was born. i talked to my mom, but shes not taking me seriously, shes telling me its natural and ill get over it. ive been this way since almost day 2 or 3 of having him. i dont know what to do - should i just toughen up? is it just something ill get over? if not how can i get my mom to realize i really do what this? im so confused


misti - January 30

it is natural to feel that way at first however you better think about it good cause once you give him u u may feel horrible. you should do what is best for the both of you if you can take care of him than do it you can always have some one do your dirty work for you.


kate - January 30

if u feel thats what is really best for ur baby i give u support, its a hard and lifelong thing u have to live with. i hope u find what ur looking for good luck. and dont let people say stuff like ur stupid, its what u want, and what u thinks best for the child.


a friend - January 30

No, it is not to late for you to give your baby up. Adoption is not a bad thing. There are many infertile couples who would do anything for a healthy infant. Don't feel bad, if this baby is too much for you, then maybe adoption is the best thing for the both of you. There are plenty of people who would love to raise your baby and will give him the love and attention he deserves. I'm sorry but I don't know who it is that you need to talk to about this, but i just wanted to let you know that this does not make you a bad person. It's good that you're addressing this issue instead of ignoring it. I'm sorry i can't give you any information on who to talk to...hopefully someone else on the site knows. Make sure you think long and hard about what you want to do and Good Luck.


Channy - January 30

Are you sure is that what you want? Re-think about this before making it offical. Do you love your son at all? Do you think it could be your postpartum depression? Go talk to your doctor and or concellor. If you want, I'm not saying you should or anything. Aw I feel like crying for that poor boy.


- January 30

how old are u


Natalie - January 30

you sound like your suffering from post natal depression, which, if you give up your baby, and then regret it, you may find it difficult to overcome. speak to your health visitor or doctor and explain the way you re feeling, and they should be able to offer some councelling and help for you. see how you feel after that.


new mommy - January 30

im 15***


- January 30

did u think about adoption before the baby was born


new mommy - January 30

yeah, i had the papers. me and the dad had both filled them out, but i never handed them in, to start looking for a family. that was around 5, 6 months of pregnancy. then after that it rarely crossed my mind, but there was a rare day were i would think of it.


- January 30

well i hope what you do is best for the baby. and good luck


katie - January 30

No, it is not to late and it doesn't mean you doesn't love your baby any less. I do think you should talk to a professional first to rule out depression. One sign that itt may be postpartum depression is do you want to physicaly harm the baby? That is not the only thing but the most common. Being it crossed your mind follow it through even if you don't. You may regret keeping your baby because you may feel guilty because you can't give her a better life.


frankschick2001 - January 30

Alot of woemn, no matter what age, go through similar feelings after giving birth. It could be a post-pardum depression issue, or it could just be your nerves and fears. I say hang in there, it will get better. If it doesn't then definitely talk to a counselor. But to answer your question, 3 weeks is not too old to give the baby up for adoption, but I would SERIOUSLY consider this. Once you give him up, that's it.


krystal - January 30

I think that you should think long and hard before you do anything like this because it is a lifelong decision. No it is not too late and if you feel that that you cannnot care for this baby then it is up to you . there are plenty of people out there that want children. just make sure that this is definetely what you want. It is much better to give the baby up for adoption and in some ways more loving of you to do so. but remember it could just be ppd. Don't listen to the ones that are trying to make you feel guilty for even considering this...there are way worse things in the world and you just want the best for your baby.


Jaya - January 30

no its never too late, as long as your 101% sure its what you want to do


maybe - January 30

If your mother feels this way-I know alot of ppl who have been brought up by their grandparents and ppl who have let their mothers raise their kids too.


kel - January 30

you can give up ur baby at any time it dosn't matter and like look in to it alot more think about it really hard it's not going to b easy at all man i mean i was adopted on day one like she feed my once any that was it. like i know bing a teen it hard and have a baby really hard and it could b good ot give up ur son to a good home were there going to a ncie home and they got the money and the time but it's up to (not say ur home itns't good) look in toit and take ur time my real mom did



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