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Taree - November 5

I am writing this as it my own personal experiences and I hope that It will help pregnant teens when making their decision. I fell pregnant when i was 13, scared and alone, I went by myself to have an abortion. I nearly bled to death! Abortions can be dangerous! I spent 1 month in hospital had 2 blood transfusions and an operation to repair damage cause by internal bleeding. Doctors told me that I may have trouble ever concieving children again. When i was 15 i fell pregnant again. This time I talked to my doctor and parents about it, and I decided that i would adopt it out. Abortion was out the question this time, and I was to young to care for and provide a quality life to a child, plus my own childhood wasnt over. Today i am 18, and it has been two years since i adopted out my baby girl. I have absolutely no regrets as i know that she is being loved and cared for by a family that couldnt have their own children. Please teens think before you act, I am not saying that all of you will nearly die from abortion,but pls know that it nearly happened to me, so do ur research properly and talk to ur parents or someone reponsible! Also adoption is a nice choice :) Thanks for reading my story :)


Julie - November 5

wow thanks for sharing that experience i am sure it will give others insight


me - November 12

i is wit BB... u b___h is NASTY!!


red - November 13

Don't listen to them you are not a murderer. But its good that you are sharing your story you can help alot of people with that.


Me - November 14

Hey Leave this girl alone, she had guts&courage to post in here, well done i say. She was strong, i wasnt so strong when i had 2 abortions,but each individual is different.


T - November 14

How is she a murderer or a b___h? How can you pa__s comment on something like this or better yet how can you understand? You most likely have no idea what its like to be pregnant and scared to death. Taree - I think your very brave hun for what you did and it cant of been an easy decision to make. :o)


C - November 14

Hey, I reported BBs comment the same day it was posted but they never took it off so makes you wonder what the people who provide the site are like. They obviously either think it wasn't offending or upsetting to the original poster or they are biased. And I for one think that it disgraceful seeing as they are supposed to be providing a supportive forum for teenage girls and state in their 'welcome' message that people shouldn't post things like this.


E - November 14

C- I just reported it too. It is possible that a post needs a certain number of "reports" and it automatically is deleted. I doubt they read and personally decide anything about each post that is reported. I think it is based on the number of complaints. Anyhow, I am sick and annoyed at all of the bashing that women who have had abortions recieve. There is no excuse for it. I keep saying and I will reiterate AGAIN, it is not murder as it is a legal procedure. Murder is not legal. I know this is complex stuff for some people to comprehend. Strangely, anti-abortionists think their opinion matters.


Taree - November 19

Hi girls... i don't really care what people think, cos lots of people are judgemental, and that is their issue for which i feel sorry for them, as open mindedness is a great gift :) I just wanted my story to be a little light for some of the girls on here who are confused and dont know what to do about their pregnancy :)



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