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single one!! - October 28

I would love to adopt, as would many other single women out there. I have been turned away from gencies because I am not married. I think you should find a nice person ( or couple) to raise this beautiful miricle. good luck


single one!! - October 28

If you are seriously considering adoption, I would love to talk to you. Please email me. Thank you


single one!! - October 28

I wanted to tell you that I am in a committed relationship of over 10 years, have a wonderful job, house, family, income, etc. The only thing missing is a child to comlete my family. My twin sister just had twins ( a boy and a girl), and I am very close to them. (They just turned 1 in October). My partner and I are trying invetro in November. Pleas email me if you want to talk!! Thank you and God bless you and your decision!


noname - October 28

dear single one, i am considering adoption but haven't decided on it yet...


single one!! - October 28

I understand that. When I say I am single, I only mean that I am not married. My partner ( another woman)and I have looked into Guatemala adoption, and Nov. 1st and 2nd, I am being artificially inceminated. We have a great Dr. , and we are very much looking forward to startng a family. I have been with this Dr. for several months now, and we pray it works this time for us.Good luck to you and your decisions. I know it will all work out for you .


noname - October 28

my social worker gave me a bunch of protfolios today to look through, not to sound mean, they were all pretty boring, nothiing ineteresting, she also showed me family portfolios for foster care but I didn't like that idea, plus one family had like 7 kids already


to noname - October 28

that is so disgusting how can you be so emotionless and insensitive to human life!! You disgust me, can't you take care of your child!? How can you trust somene else to do that, adoption is just as wrong as abortion


Heyyyyyyy - October 28

How much does he weigh?


noname - October 28

I don't know how much he weighs, he measures 13 centimeters or so and ultrasound today said he measure as 21 weeks not 19


Heyyyyyy - October 28

You may actually be further along than you think. I was worried my son was going to be really big too but he was 7lbs 3oz. That was big for me because he was bigger than my first. I did okay though you may just be worried over nothing. :o)


M - October 29

i think that since you are already in your second trimester that you should continue with the pregnancy, abortions is hard on your body physically and emotionally. If you dont think you can raise a baby i suggest giving it to a loving family that can.


- October 30

adoption sound the best to me, but thats really ur call. but did u know that this point that is u have an abortion that baby can feel every little bit, so im just asking u to really think about what ur doing before u do it.


single One!! - October 31

I agree that this late into the prenancy, it has been a known fact that the abortion would be painful for you and the baby. There are so many people who would do just about anything to have a chance at raising a child as their own, I think that you should give the greatest gift of all, and make another woman a mother to your child. That you will give that child a chance at love, and family, and know you gave him a chance at life. best regards!!


to Single One - November 1

I think you talked yourself out of that one!


Erm - November 1

I'm not for second trimester abortions at all. But it is irritating to see so many posts about all the women wanting to adopt, give some poor mother your baby, blah, blah. As if we are running out of children in adoption agencies?? I don't think so.


lovebug - November 1

have you ever thought of private adoption. I can't have children and would like to adopt thru private instead of a agency. You need to get over this worry and think of this child. please don't abort. I live everyday with guilt for having one and now am unable to concieve. so think of that before you make a decison. Go to a church and talk to the preacher. You don't have to know him. They can help you.



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