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lovebug - November 1

have you ever thought of private adoption. I can't have children and would like to adopt thru private instead of a agency. You need to get over this worry and think of this child. please don't abort. I live everyday with guilt for having one and now am unable to concieve. so think of that before you make a decison. Go to a church and talk to the preacher. You don't have to know him. They can help you.


Single one!! - November 2

I wasnt trying to get out of anything, and I am not sure what you mean, but I do know this is a smart girl, in a tough situation, with a supportive boyfriend, and an adorable ittle girl to think of, and a chance to make a miricle happen for another family. I would hate for her to get the abortion, and then not be able to conceive later in life. And yes, there are lots of children in foster care in america, but unfortunetly, they will not let a loving couple of the sam s_x raise them as their own, so we must go to 3rd world countries to become parents, all the while american children are starving and begging to be wanted and love. God bless this girl for seeking advise when in the end, she will just need to listen to her heart!


yep - November 2

and so they shouldnt


leanne - November 3

definately adoption. there are thousand of women out there that carnt have children and then there is all those stupid girls out there havin abortion sweetie so please spare a thought


Hold on - November 3

To no name. Pls opt for Adoption. Babys as early as afew weeks can feel pain. Abortion is pain full to the baby please look at this : Give a couple a chance to give your baby the life he deserves if you can't give it to him. My husband and I adoted both our children threw an open adoption and the birth mohters are a part of our familys now to. We share photos and stories and get together with them on holidays. Please think about this.


Wrong - November 3

To: Hold On....Your statement is completely innacurate and you posted up a biased Web site to prove our point. Having a pro-life view is fine, posting up false information is not. .......... To anyone else, just do a search for "fetus feeling pain" and look at any gov't, college, or non-biased Web site to find out the actual facts. ... (no dash's)


Who Cares?!? - November 3

Who cares if the fetus can feel the pain or not. The Mother can, and given an option this far along in her pregnancy, Adoption seems like the realistic thing to do. While I think it is wrong to post pics of abortion to try and "scare" her into adoption...I think it is just as wrong to tell her it is "ok" for abortion, that it wont her her or the baby. I believe that abortion should remain legal because these poor, scared girls will still do them in back alley's even if they are illegal, and then put their lives at risks. Give the girl a chance to make her own decision!


Agreed - November 3

I didn't see how far along she is, my post is just in response to the person posting the BS information to scare her. I'm not an advocate of second trimester abortions myself, but it IS her choice to make. I wish extremists (on either side) would stop posting up their BS scare tactics.


:) - November 3



Cheryl - November 3

I am an adoptive mother. If you would like you can visit my website at I would be happy to answer any questions you have whatever you decide. I wish you the best always.


JJ - November 4

DONT KILL THE CHILD. DONT ADOPT THE CHILD. KEEP THE CHILD. in the end you wont have 1 regret. TRUST.


birthmom - November 4

I am a birth mom, and my baby is almost a month old. I have contact with the adoptive family and see as many pictures as i want.



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