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Tracy - November 25

I've had 4 faint positive HPT's over a one week period. I as on birth control but I had a brown, spotting and light period which lasted 2 days. So I tested & got the positives. So I stopped birth control straight away. I then had a withdrawal bleed exactly 7days later. Well I thought it was a withdrawal bleed. It was spotting and light like before, and brown. Then it went a reddish pinkish colour as well as brown and I lost quite a few black and dark reddish blood clots. I didn't have any cramps which was strange for me. The clots and spotting lasted for nearly 3 days. I then did a HPT the day after & it was negative. I did a urine pregnancy test at the doctors & it was negative. Now Im worried. Could this of been a miscarriage? Would that explain the negative HPT & doctors urine test? Can the doctors test be wrong? I'm so confused & worried. I haven't told my doctors about the positives. I figured the urine test would come back positive. Now Im not so sure. What do you think & what should I do? I did do another HPT & it looked negative but I held it up to the light (last night) & when the light shined on the test strip I could see a second line. Similar to an indentation. I dont think it had any colour but Im not sure. All I noticed was the second line which showed when the light shined on the test strip. My mum saw the line to. Could this be a positive?


Tracy - November 26

Could someone please help me out here. I need help.


Lisa - November 26

Probably too early to detect, a blood test should give you the answer you need. Doesn't sound like you are pregnant, the clots may have been an early miscarriage. Best to check back with your doctor again.


Tracy - November 26

Do you mean it doesn't sound like I was pregnant all along or now? Im positive I was pregnant...well almost based on the symptoms and positive HPT's. I just dont understand it. I asked for a blood test but my doctor refused. I'll try asking again next week. Thanks.


,.,.,., - November 27

You could of had a miscarriage. Thats what it sounds like to me.


Tracy - November 27

Oh no. I was thinking I might of too. I hope not.


Lisa - November 27's possible you may have been pregnant, yes. I would definitely go back to the doctor, if you did suffer a miscarriage, then it's best to have a D & C to clean out anything that may have been left behind, and tell your doctor all of the symptoms...insist on a blood test, perhaps even take your mum with you.


Tracy - November 27

I think I'll go back to my doctor this week. If I can get an appointment. Fingers crossed. I might take my mum to, like you suggested. She's proof that I wasn't imagining the lines. I just hope the hormone is still in my system since it drops in a few days. Thanks


i - November 27

Do not get a d&c unless it is necessary. They cause scaring and most early miscarriages do not require a d&c. The body most likely flushed all of the bad stuff out already. Good luck!


Tracy - November 27

Dont worry i I knew you only have a d&c when necessary. Thanks for letting me know though. I would of probably forgotten cause my minds on other things.



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