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flyinghigh - March 2

My gf have been together for about 2 years now and have been having s_x. She has stared talking to me about us having a baby. I'm only 17 and she's 15 and I don't want think its a good idea. I mean I love her an all but I just don't want a baby now. What can I say so she'll get off this baby thing because I don't want us to break up but I don't want a baby?


lunamoo - March 2

Consider yourself warned and don't EVER have s_x without a condom!!!


flyinghigh - March 2

We only use condoms sometimes but I pull out if we don't. I saw some website that said that pulling out is like almost as good sa condoms.


Noodle - March 2

its not. prec_m contains sperm. your a very responsible peron. just tell her u dnt want a baby and its unfair for her to try and encourage it and if she still wants one.... abstain. its the most reliable method of preventing pregnancy


Blackeye - March 2

Tell her that she needs to know that the baby will take up her life. No more party,no more sleeping late. And if she gets pregnant the baby will follow her if she gets another boyfriend. If she gets pregnant she will go threw 9 months of having some pain and after birth that she can forget shcool without the baby. She will need her parents and you big time. What if the baby colics??3 months with crying and not sleeping. Having a baby now is such a problem when neighter of you have education and a real job to go to. Birth money you will need and than you have to work 6 months straight before birth to get them. Clothes,dipers,stuff for the baby. The baby needs you to be ready to protect it. You cant just leave it when you are tired. Ask her to go and get started on birth control pills and than you make sure that you use Condoms. Because at age of 15 and 17 it is very easy to get pregnant because of all the hormones. Please dont give a baby a hard life. They are so fragile and need a stabile home.


MRN - March 2

You need to make sure that you always wear a condom when having s_x. If your girlfriend is trying to get pregnant then condoms are especially important. Pulling out is a highly unreliable method ob birth control because there is sperm in the prec_m and most teenagers aren't able to pull out prior to their orgasm but instead pull out as they are orgasming which results in sperm being released into the vagin which leads to pregnancy. Be smart use a condom. If your girlfriend isn't pregnant already then thank your lucky star and start being responsible.


AyameLovesXion - March 2

Pulling out is NOT ALMOST AS GOOD AS CONDOMS! Be sensible! I've seen many many girls get pregnant on that method!


babyonboard16 - March 2

Prec_m can get a girl pregnant...use them or have her get on the pill...if you are in love with her and want to marry her and all that tell her that you want to wait til then...maybe itll encourage her to plan on that more? i dunno just trying


xoxticiaxox - March 2

Obviously your smart...tell her YOU are not ready for a baby at this point in your life...if she doesnt listen...then shes not being a very good gf. Also beware that she may try and trick you for instance if shes on the pill she might say....dont worry hunny you dont have to pull out Ive taken my pill...when in reality she has not!! Girls are evil, especially when they want something and in turn are told no! BE CAREFUL!!! Good luck xoxoxoxo


Terio - March 3

Flyinghigh, your life is over if you get this girl pregnant. Right now at 17.. your life can go in a lot of different directions. You make this move and you're screwed, and you'll never recover from it. I know it seems like you're going to be with this girl forever, but the chances are incredibly slim. Leave your options OPEN to one day be able to go down the right path (go to school, have your choice of hotties in college, meet a nice girl (perhaps be with this girl, if it's right), get a good job, make a little money, get married, have kids you can provide for) because if you make this mistake right now, it's done, and you'll always be viewed as the idiot that knocked up his 15-year old g/f. And I know from your post that you sound way cooler than "that guy". In fact, you're smart enough to come here saying you DON'T want that. Really though, don't ever have s_x with your g/f without a condom again, unless you're prepared for a baby. Oh -- And I know you don't want to break up with her.. When she brings it up, just playfully laugh and tell her you *do* love her, and that's why you would want to do it the right way with her someday (girls love that c___p of thinking they're planning for a future, lol) . You sound like a pretty smart guy... so don't be weak. Good luck! :-) :-)


sweeti - March 6

what is with all these young girls having s_x jesus they are thinking of having a child what about the husband i mean u gotta kept ur man if u dont want someone else to take him away i am sure these girls dont know how to cook they could burn a pot a water if u tell them too i dont wanna be judgemental but these girls are babies and thinking of a child teens will always be teens but come on dont they have common sense what they are going to tell their kids when they get older that the best time to have a kid is at 11-15 years old.....i am on here give some advice to the young who needs it teen please bear a peice of mind...



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