Advice For A Pregnant 16 Year Old

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dots - November 23

I'm 16 years old and i just learned (today) that im pregnant. I have absolutely no idea what to do. Im freaking out and crying alot. I dont even know where to start with this. I dont know how i can tell my parents that im pregnant, Im not even supposed to have a boyfriend, but I do, and look where thats gotten me. Truthfully, i dont want to have this baby. But i have no other choice. I was reading some stuff about abortions and i began to cry and i wanted to vomit. The thought of killing my baby made me sick and i felt horrible for even considering it. So now, as I am out of options i have to deal with telling people around me that im pregnant.


Grandpa Viv - November 23

Hey, Dots, my sympathy for your predicament. I take it that you are already missing a period, so hoping against hope for an early pregnancy loss is not in the picture. This is going to require guts that you didn't know you had. Since your parents are going to have to bear much of the financial burden here, it is only fair that you clue them in soonest. How to do that is the big problem, but once it is done and they have gotten over the initial shock, they will be more help than anyone. Your best bet is to find a sympathetic adult whom your parents respect, and have that person help you break the news. It could be a relative, a teacher or a minister. Make a list and the right person will jump out. For heavens sake don't shrink from this task - the alternative is hiding the pregnancy for several months of anguish, then having it come out anyway. Meanwhile the baby will not be getting the prenatal care it needs to be born healthy. Best of luck! Our hearts go with you. Come back to this thread and tell us how it goes. We like to hear the ending.


Wylie - November 23

You poor child! There's no point in looking for sympathy. You should have thought about it before you rushed into having s_x.


Christine - November 23 need to go have fun somewhere else...I have seen your posts in a couple different places and your just plain what Grandpa Viv says...dont wait...things will turn out for you...but you have to start off right...good luck to you and keep us informed we are here with you..


Wylie - November 23

Just speaking my mind, the truth, and not sugarcoating it


b - November 23

You will be ok. When you talk to your parents its important to remain calm. Set the tone of the conversation. In my experience if you are hysterical they will already be predisposed to a bad reaction. Tell them sooner rather than later. and Remember that they will love you no matter what. Parents and dogs are the only things capable of unconditional love.


stranger - November 23

you'll be ok. that's for sure.


E - November 23

Hi Dots, Have you considered looking for a support group or getting some free counseling from a Planned Parenthood or pregnancy center near you? This may help you adjust to the pregnancy and could be beneficial in helping you figure out how to tell people without feeling embarrased. Best wishes:) As the pregnancy progresses, your feelings toward your pregnancy and the baby will change. I am an elderly 31 year old and was not terribly happy when I got pregnant due to recurrent miscarriages and fear. It was not until the 4th month that I began to feel some excitement.


debbie - November 25

all though it may seem the end of the world its not dont worry,you need to tell your parents straight away before they find out from anyone else im sure they will understand. you do have a choice weather you have your baby its up to u no one else this is your life. already you refured to your child as MY BABY whice means something most people call there baby it but u have not i think your going to be ok just take evry day as it comes good luck


Solution - November 25

i really have to wonder b___sack do u ever stop and tink of all the garbage u have to say


VoiceOfReason - November 26

Just start eating a lot of junkfood (carry it around with you everywhere) and you can blame it on weight loss for quite a while. In the meantime, I'm sure you'll figure something out.


holly - November 26

girl i am sorry for tell your parents all the truth. ok i was 14 when i got preg i had to kill my baby for it i feelt so wronge and know i am 21 and i have a son to hope everythign wroks out



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