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Cait - March 30

I am 19 years old and I have just recently found out that I am 8 weeks pregnant. It is not yet a baby but a sack of cells. My mother wont stop telling me that I need to terminate the sack before it becomes a baby and my dad says he will be by my side no matter what my decision, but now has changed his mind to follow my mother. I am with my boyfriend who seems to want this baby more than I do. Don't get me wrong I would like to have this child but becoming a mother takes a lot of time, energy and money. I would like to hear from anyone on what their oppinion is on this topic. Thank you!


sarah - March 30

Cait, I had baby when I was your age, never regetted it, not once. It's my baby I had when i was 30, married and finacially secure that's given me pain!!! My religious views prevent abortion (yes, they should have prevented s_x, too, but I'm not perfect) But religion aside, I couldn't come to terms with abortion from a scientific and general moral view. The scientific ability to keep premie babies alive makes it evident that life doesn't begin at 40 weeks gestation. But is it 25 weeks, 20 weeks, 2 weeks, 2 seconds? Nobody knows. Are you confident that you know for sure that you wont regret it? I got this next part from,,nc26-6,00.html WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH YOUR BABY At eight weeks, your baby's head is quite big, due to the rapid growth of the brain. The upper limbs resemble paddles. Your baby-to-be's heart begins to separate into four chambers, and blood is circulating throughout the body. Intestines form within the umbilical cord, but will later migrate back into the abdominal cavity. In the next few days, foot plates, with the beginnings of toe rays, will appear. The external ears are now present. Your baby is now 10 to 13 millimeters long -- about the size of a cherry. The cells that will become either testes or ovaries arrive, but there is no obvious sign of gender yet. Muscle contractions are beginning, but these early "movements" are not yet perceptible. You don't have a tadpole or a sack of cells. Talk to your parents and boyfriend about what kind of specific support they'll give, what your plans and goals for your life will be. Email me if you need to talk [email protected]


katie - March 30

this u may not take seriously because im only 14 but im 30wks pregnant at the moment and am not regretin any of it...i dont think once u hav a child u will ever regret it but to ur parents it is a big shock and they cant make u terminate your baby tht is your decision and they hav to respect tht.babys do and will always cost alot of money,time and energry but i think it will b worth it in the end and ur parents will come round to the idea some time..and its gd tht ur bf is willing to be there because alot of the time guys run and do not want the responiblilty but gd luck in wat ever u decide and if u need to talk u can email me at [email protected] xxx katie


Robin - March 30

Cait, what you are carrying is a baby - not just a "sack of cells". If you don't want to keep the baby, or if you feel it's not in the baby's best interest for you to keep it - choose adoption. There are so many people out there who can't have children who would love to adopt your little one.



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