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Noodle - February 26

to kirsty marie, your not pregnant for 10 months. There are not 4 week to a month, there are 4 1/2, which is why they say 9 months. and they count pregnancy from the first day of your period.


Meagan18 - February 26

The pain has subsided. I only had it for two days. Will the pain persist if it's an ectopic pregnancy?


Meagan18 - February 26

and does smoking create a bigger problem?


abriamiacadia - February 27

Smoking always creates a bigger problem lol. If you are preg. I'd cut down right about now for a few because your first couple of months are the most precious months. THats the prime time to have a miscarriage, So, try to quit, or at least cut down. BUT DONT QUIT COLD TURKEY. If you go to GENERAL PREGNANCY there are a couple of threads that are about smoking, go read those. They'll inform you better than i will.


xxKittyxx - February 27

I'm not a pro and i've never been pregant, i could be now but i think it is still to early for me to tell, I say just get into a doctor, take a pee test, if negitive and your still worried, take the blood test. This way if both are negitive you can stop stressing. Sometimes stress can cuase pregnancy like symptoms. So take a day to relax. Good luck to you!


Amanda18 - February 27

You are pregnant for 10 months. There are 28 days in a month (not a calendar month but a technical month), 40 weeks of pregnancy = 10 months. Or 9 1/2 if you dont want to count the 2 weeks before ovulation.


Amanda18 - February 27

Ok that's the way I count it. There are 3 or 4 different ways people count up pregnancy which I just learned so whatever way you like.


Meagan18 - March 7

Well, it has been exactly 7 weeks since I slept with my ex and I've had no period, and symptoms like crazy. they are actually dying down right now. righ now i just pee alot, have headaches, my face is breaking out like crazy, and some days i eat everything and others i just can't stand food at all. it's been 2 weeks since i took a home pregnancy test. I think I'm going to take another one tomorrow or the day after.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 7

If so you should get a positive by now...maybe you are one time I was 2 weeks late because I was constantly crying over a few of those dumb months that everything went wrong...although I wasn't having s_x then lol but still it can happen because of stress


Meagan18 - March 8

Ok. I cash my check tomorrow, so I'll get the test after work and take it Friday morning. I will post the results. :)


BabyGirl15 - March 8

Do you remember that last time you had a period? I had a period every month around the same time, and i tested 4 times, before i got a positive at the doctors office , and it didnt show a positive until i was almost 6 weeks late. Do you have a doctor or a clinic you can go and take a test?


Meagan18 - March 9

Babygirl15 - i'm not regular or even near regular lol. I haven't been since i started my af when i was 13, so i don't know if i was expecting one or not at the time of intercourse. I know that about 2 weeks after there was some bleeding, but it wasn't normal and it was only about three days. my normal is 6-7. I told my aunt and she said i should make an appointment. I'm don't have any health insurance, so i haven't made one yet. I will very shortly though. I found a clinic that charges based on my pay, so i'll try that.


abriamiacadia - March 9

ITS FRIDAY!! Did you take a test yet?


Meagan18 - March 10

hey abriamiacadia - no i didn't :( I'm so disappointed too. i didn't have time to get to wal mart lol. I had to work late everyday and slept in on the other days. I won't be able to get a test until sunday now. :( As soon as I test again I will post the results. I come here first lol


Meagan18 - March 11

I FINALLY bought the test tonight before i went to work. when I wake up i'll take the test. i'll post the results ASAP. :)


Meagan18 - March 12

negative. i have another post with the result too.



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