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altonsgirl90 - January 15

ok, im 16 and my boyfriend is 15 (16 in june) and we've been dating for 7 months. he was my first "real" boyfriend. one that actually lasted more then a couple weeks. before i dated him i was pretty conservative, my first make out was last december(2005). anyways, i am the second girl hes had s_x with but he was my first, we started having s_x in july and have been ever since. i was and currently am on birth control and when we had s_x he always pulled out or used a condom there was one time he did c_m in me and i was scared i was pregant and i wasnt on birth control because i was switchin them but i had a pregnancy test when i got back on them and i was fine but a few days ago last friday night we had s_x for the first time in a week and he c_mmed in me again, but he we both decided on it, i've been on my birth control for a month so i thought i was ok, but lately i have been peeing alot and im getting worried. him and i both have talked bout me possibly being pregant and he said he wouldnt leave me and hed be happy if i was i know i just need to take a pregnancy test but im so scared its gonna come out posative. i dont kno what to do if i am pregnant. what do i do??? i know tell my parents but still......


LaurenandAtticus - January 16

You are right about knowing you should tell your parents. Or at least one of them, which preferably most girls would rather tell their mothers (you can relate more). I would suggest trying to talk to your mother, or another woman figure in your life. You should try sticking to one Birthcontrol instead of switching so much, because obviously those breaks inbetween them can cause pregnancy. If you are too afraid of talking to your mother, try going to your local Planned Parenthood....they can give you tons of help. I know my local Planned Parenthood gave me a free pregnancy test I'm not sure where you live or if they would do the same. So unless you want to talk to your mother, go to Planned Parenthood, or none the a home pregnancy test. Good luck.


ChattyKathy - January 16

Peeing a lot should not concern you unless you have other symptoms that may signal a pregnancy. Don't bother with a test unless your period is officially late, otherwise it will be too soon. And... calm down. You're on birth control. Although there is still a slight risk it is only slight. You aren't going to know anything until you're late.



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