Ah My Belly

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amanda17 - November 24

So I had finally begun losing more weight. I hadn't lost anything since 3 weeks PP and I was shrinking down to 115, and looking fine if you don't mind me saying :P Now the past 3 days I suddenly look 4 months (ish) preggo?! I gained 10 pounds in like one day and it seems to be all in my uterus??!! What the h__l?! Finally I get back in my jeans just to grow out of them in two weeks!


V9653 - November 24

Welcome to post baby body-say goodbye to old Amanda who can get away with eating anything and looking hot and say hello to the body of a 30 year old woman!!!! It happens to some of us! If you are near your period then it really is understandable, and if you ate a lot of bloat causing food then it'll go away. For me, I lost all of my weight immediately (and some) and for the past 6-8 months I've very easily gained 15lbs without changing my diet at all!!! I just realized that I was b___stfeeding then, and burning more calories and my metabolism was great. But I took that youthful metabolism for granted and I realized my metabolism had slowed due to the c___p I eat! I actually just came off a fast/cleanse and am now fueling my body with only healthy foods and plenty of water. The water retention I've had for the past 4 months is gone, and I'm losing the weight!!! It really sucks if genetically this is meant to be-just means you've got to add in a little extra work and extra caution! Hope that helps!


amanda17 - November 25

I'm not near my period but I ovulated yesterday and today. I've never bloated during ovulation before but the cramps this time were killing me. Usually it's just one ache then it's over but this time the cramps were really intense, lasted longer and I had them three times instead of one. Thank god it's over. I've only eaten what I've forced myself to eat because for some reason I never feel hungry anymore except at like 2 or 3am when I get up to soothe Ellie back to sleep. I just make sure I eat 2-3 meals a day. I'm on a diet because of b___stfeeding so it's just healthy home-cooked meals for me. I'm STILL b___stfeeding but I started supplimenting like two weeks ago to get her used to formula. I also exercise regularly! Stupid body!!! >:[


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 25

THe only thing I can suggest is sit ups/crunches. That helped me.


amanda17 - November 25

I'm not really concerned with my weight loss really. I was concerned that I gained so much weight in one area pretty much over night. It's perfectly round and a little bit stiff just like a pregnant belly! It's scaring me haha. It's going down a little bit today but it's still there. I'm definitely not pregnant so I don't understand why it's doing that?


V9653 - November 26

Well it's really weird but simple-remember when you were younger and the way your tummy looked when it would bloat-gone. After baby things may go down and look good on the outside but they are very different from within, so when you bloat or are gaining a little in your midsection-god it is weird that since the skin is used to stretching for the preggo belly, it does it again. It's so funny you've brought up this point because I realized that too like two months ago when it hit me that I was gaining weight. My stomach used to never look like this. Here is what has really been helping me because I've started losing the weight but I've already got my tummy widdled down and flat! Do core exercises-if you don't fully get what they are then look it up online especially about dot com. They are really really easy, almost no impact exercises but they help your overall fitness and they are great for rehabilitating post baby tummies.


amanda17 - November 26

Thanks v! It's so funny because my family is giving me weird looks like "You aren't.... Are you??" haha



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