ALL Teen Mums Leave School

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young_mum_2_b - June 4

hey everyone, my name is Jae and im doing my VCE through distance education and one of my tasks is to give a speech on something that truly matters to it had to have a topic and mine is "Society is wrong that the majority of teen mums dont get their education"...i wanted to know if people could tell me stories of when they were or are now pregnant and still at school, plan to go back or already have??? this would really help in getting my education!!! thanks!!


maren - June 5

Well i dont know if your refering to highs school teens or college teens, but i will answer anyways. Im 19 and found out that i was pregnant after about my 2 month of my freshman year of college. After i found out i was pregnant i knew that i wanted to continue with college because that what i wanted to do since i was little. I knew that it would be harder with a child and will probably take a bit longer but there is no reason it cant be done with a little hard work. Now i knew school would be hard after the baby is here but i never thought that it would be hard while pregnant. Man sometimes it was just so hard to sit down and read books and articles for my research paper, or to study for chemistry and my labs. Its hard but it can be done!!!! Its our life and no one can tell us what we are capable or not capible of doing. Having this baby was like taking the senic route instead of the most direct way, it may take a bit longer but as long as you stay on the path both ways you still have the same end result


Corrine321 - June 5

Well I got pregnant in late september and I stayed in school all through the year being pregnant... I just got our June 2nd! My baby's due date is June 19th! There are quite a bit of girls in my school that are pregnant or already moms.. And yes i do plan on going back to highschool for my sophmore year.. I plan to graduate! My boyfriend will have her when im in school or she will go to the baby sitters.. He is 19 so he has a pretty good job and hes going to school, so we are pretty much set on things for me being able to go to school!


midnight_drift - June 5

Well, I got pregnant about 3 months ago, something like that, and I stayed through HS, I am now a HS graduate, and I am taking some night courses in college. I don't know EXACTLY what ones yet lol.


Brittany - June 5

Hey, I was 17 when I found out I was pregnant, I turned 18 and was 5 months pregnant as I walked on the stage to get my high school diploma. I had distinguished honors and was a member of the honors society. I plan to go to college in two years after my fiance' graduates college, we'll have money to pay for my education at that time and he can also watch our son while I go. Good luck with your project.


Ca__sie06 - June 5

I agree, I am unsure if you mean high school or higher education. As for me, I am 19 years old and 31 weeks pregnant with my husband and my first baby. I am due August 8th (possibly inducing at 38 weeks, which would be mid July) and start back to my third year of college the third week of August. I have been accepted into the teacher education program and have pa__sed the first series of tests and interviews, and will have 1 1/2 years of cla__ses left and a semester of student teaching. Next semester my cla__ses are only on Tuesday and Thursday and my mother in law will keep the baby those days. The rest of the time I will be at home with him. Hope this helps!


kristi17 - June 5

Hey, I'm 17 now with a 3 month old. When I was pregnant, I stayed in school up until like the week before I went into labor. That was only because I had false labor contractions and we thought it would be best for me so stay out. Since then, i've been doing school through a tutor that the principal actually sent me. And i do the same curriculum as the schools do. We get out on the 12th. I'm going back for my senior year, in September and i'll graduate on stage with my cla__s. My boyfriend graduates this year and with me being a senior i'll get to leave school after 2nd period. So he'll watch the baby while i'm at school and i'll come home and watch the baby when he goes to work. And on the days I have to work, I dont have to go in until like 4-5. So we have it all planned out. All the teen moms I know or go to school with me, have all gotten their education by staying in public school or getting some kind of homeschooling while being out. Hope this helps somehow!


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 5

I am 18 and found out that I was pregnant during my first semester of college. I finished that semester as well as my second semester. I had my baby 10 days ago, and I am already registered to go back to college this fall, and have already filled out all my paperwork to go back. I plan to finish and will have my LPN license, and then finish up and get my RN license right after that.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 5

I am not even behind at all. I took Fall 2005 cla__ses, Spring 2006 cla__ses, and am going back for Fall 2006 cla__ses. I did not take summer cla__ses because they are not offering any of the cla__ses I need for the nursing program. The baby has not even put a dent in my college path. I am still right on track. I graduate in May 2005 and have finished a full year of college.


krista-lee - June 5

im still in school, a week and a half overdue. i plan to go back next year also and graduate, and head off to college. my main prorities from now on are my baby and making sure i get an education so i can get a great job to provide for him/her : ]


whiskeydog38 - June 6

I'm 15, and 6, almost 7 months pregnant. I am currently going to a school for pregnant and parenting teens. It's helped me out alot. I had quit going to school in October. Not because I was pregnant, because I wasnt even pregnant then. It was just because I wanted to. I got inrolled back into school after I found out I was pregnant. In I think February or March. I want to be a good role model for my baby. I know that going to school once I have her will be hard. It's not impossible. It can be done. I know it can. I plan on graduating high school in 2009, and going to college to be a doctor.


Ashleyjcw - June 12

I was 14 and a freshman in high school, I went to school for 6 months, than went on home and hospital schooling for the remander of my pregnancy. I went back a month after I had the baby. I am now 16 and almost 8 months pregnant, and I have been on home and hospital schooling since march. I will be a senior this coming year!



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