All These Child Like Games Really Need An End On This Form

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Thought-full Woman - October 7

I am a young woman that is coming on this site to look for use full advice and comments about the issues that i am working with but all that i see, on this teenage pregnancy form, is a bunch of child like games. Allot of useless questions are asked that are a bunch of waist-full time. If you really have nothing else to do in your life besides come on hear and spend time fooling around on a site that is meant to help young girls with there problems, then find a hobby and get on with your life. You all are all child-ish! And i am saying this for all the young lady's out there that are hoping to find use full advice due to their pregnancy or there thoughts about pregnancy! All of you, GROW UP!


dissagree!!!!!!!!! - October 7

erm..... im 16 an pregnant and think tht most of the questions asked are ok but u do get sum tht are silly!! however it still dont give u the right to go round dissin people like the way u did. HOW OLD R U? any way? 1 more thing u GROW UP!!! oh yes and dont for get tht this is a teenage site and sum people on here are as young as 12 so think b4 u write xxxxx


Thought_full Woman - October 7

Alright disagree, you misunderstood what i am saying so read carefully before you try and state your comments. LET ME REPHRASE MYSELF FOR THE ONES THAT HAVE TROUBLE READING! There are allot of posts from girls that are just wanting to fool around on this site, since it is a pregnancy site, and think that they can get a kick out of it. There are allot of girls out there, 11 even, that have problems with there family and friends/boyfriends that come on this site to look for advice and comments but all they get out of it, is nonsense replays. There are also ones, that have nothing to do in their spare time, and think that coming on a site that is meant to help young girls face reality about pregnancy,their problems in life,ect, can crack jokes and state rude comments thinking that it is so much of a joke when it is really a waist of time. Have you read about the 14 yr old girl using the turkey baster to get pregnant? What is that? That is just a game that these girls, that have nothing to do in there spare time, are doing to get attention and to get wiser girls all worked up and to debate with one another. And what my post is trying to state, is this from does not need use less questionings and comments like that but real, issues that teenager girls are facing every day.!


but - October 7

i f these girls whoegin to debate each other are "wiser", why do they fall for it. on these types of sites u have to take the good with the bad. the most you can do if you don't like a post is move on, which i suggest you do.


kiara - October 7

hey, no offense, but if you don't like it, leave. no ones stopping you. oh, and plus, don't stereotype. there are plenty of people on this site who give answers to peoples questions. have a good day! God I'm tired.


support you - October 7

Damn eh how old is everyone responding to this ladys post? Damn like 14 right? Do you not understand what she is saying? THERE ARE GIRLS THAT NEEEEEEEEED REAL ADVICE AND ALLL THESE LIL KID GAMES ARE NOT ALLOWING REALITY TO HIT THEM, INSTEAD THEY ARE BEING LOOKED DOWN UPON AND PEOPLE TEND TO GET EXCITED OVER IT! GROW UP... AND TO THOUGHTFULL WOMAN, I UNDERSTAND COMPLELTY. I gave up when i was trying to look for real, asnwers that i was dealing with and no body was being real with me



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