Alone Or Not

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Krista - January 11

How many teen moms or gunna be moms, going to raise their babies all by them selves? Is it easy, because i think i am goin to have to! Please let me kno! i need alot of Advice! Or u can e-mail me at [email protected]!


Sarah - January 12

No, raising a child, no matter what age you are, is never easy, Get some pre natal care,


Krista - January 12

Wut do u mean?, i already have a dr and stuff


Jenna - January 12

yea, where to begin. first of all how old are you? and second of all did you TRY to get pregnant? Im 20 yrs old, i got pregnant at 17 and my baby is 2 in april. I raised her alone by myself and honestly, i cant say the actualy RAISING is hard, its everything else in your life. No more socializing unless its with other mothers really cause your friends dont want nothing to do with it. no more fun, no more doing whatever whenever. no more sleeping in no more anything. Your life is pretty muc in the babys hand. Being more mature now than i was then, theres no way in hell id think about having a baby NOW let alone in the near future if i had the choice. All i gotta say is please please be smart, having a baby isnt cute and doesnt make you look or feel any better it makes you kick yourself in the a__s an say what did i do. I love my little girl with all my heart and wouldnt change a thing about my life, but id be lying if the 20 yr old in me didnt say god Jenna why did you do this, why did you let this happen. its very very very hard dealing with and accepting the fact that my life no longer belongs to me.


Krista - January 12

I am 17 and i am due in march! no it wasnt planned! My boyfriend left me the day after christmas, he doesnt call and ask about her or me, he takes me to my drs appt! but i jus dunno! I am very scared, i have alot of support with my family and my friends but still! theres jus the Aloneness of not bein with the person you made this baby with! if ud like e-mail me at [email protected]! thanks


gablex - January 12

I think if your going to raise this baby by yourself and the father doesnt want anything to do with her, then you should take him to court for child support. Because you didnt make her on your own why raise her on your own? By the way have you named her yet?


gablex - January 12

Forgot to say raising a child isnt easy at that age, I was married at 15 and had my daughter at 16 and a son at 18, even though I am married its still hard but thank God for family to help both me and my husband finished high school and college, and have great jobs and wonderful things. Good luck with your baby and if you need anything you can email me at [email protected]


Krista - January 12

Her Name is going to Briana Rose! shes my little stubborn baby! shes just like me i can tell already!


sabrina - January 12

im on my own, well i;ve got all of my family, but the dads not around


gablex - January 13

How does his parents feel about this baby? Very cute name are you sure you'll stick with it? I had "the perfect name" until my children were born then I named them something I didnt even have on my name list.


Krista - January 13

I still talk to his mom! He just wont let me see her! And yes i am sticking with it, i always wanted to name my daughter that since i was young! I love his mom, and his step dad is really kool too! And his dad is a little bit on the weird side! but o well! and i couldnt be more excited as i am now! 8-10 more weeks and shell be here! and ill be able to hold her and show her everything! Thanks alot Gablex!!


gablex - January 13

Are you going to try for child support or any support if he doesnt help with you with Briana?


Krista - January 13

Yes he is goin to pay, i am suppost to meet with him tomorrow and talk about it!


maddie - January 14

its never easy dik head, but u will handle it easier and it will be better for the kid if u have it as a mature adult. P.S ITS NOT LIKE THE GILMORE GIRLS DUMBASSES


Krista - January 27

I want to know some things about my name.


mizzy17 - January 27

Krista I am just telling you now that its going to be really hard....I had to help my sister raise her kids till she moved out...Thank god she moved or else I wouldnt be prego.....


Ca__sandra - January 27

Hi Krista... I think Im going to be having this baby alone... Im 6 weeks, and 18, my boyfriend is 23 and since he found out he's been very distant... if u have any questions about anything hun... email me at [email protected]



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