Am I A Dad

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Dean - September 8

Well, don’t know where to start. Went away about 6 weeks ago with my girlfriend for a long weekend, we both had a really good time. Back at the hotel we started playing around; I did penetrate her but failed to c_m as I probably had way too much to drink. When the relationship first started we used condoms as the main contraceptive, as she was already on the pill. As the relationship started getting stronger we both got tested for STDs so we could have s_x without the use of a condom. The tests for both of us came back negative, which was a relief because taking time out to put a condom on can spoil the moment as everyone knows! About 2 weeks ago she told me that she forgot to take the pill over the weekend that we spent away together, we arranged to get an appointment at the clinic for a pregnancy test, it didn’t happen though, yes stupid as it may sound we just didn’t actually get round to making the appointment, maybe I should have been more persistent. Lately she’s been having random spells of sickness and headaches and me being paranoid I think she might be getting a belly too. We are both going to a clinic on Saturday for a test………… Here’s where the problem starts. She’s 16 and I’m 19, we’ve both just started full time college together. I’m working towards a career in the R.A.F as a pilot and she’s working towards a career as a midwife (Irony of that!) I don’t mind the idea of becoming a parent as I love children and have had a lot of involvement in caring for babies, I also love my girlfriend with all my heart and would stand by her no matter what. I just feel it would be unfair on her and bringing a baby into a world where its parents are at an unstable stage of their lives. If she was pregnant abortion wouldn’t be an option on my half as I hate the idea of denying possible life, we are not gods, yes we can create life but nothing gives us the right to take it away… I know I’ve written this mostly from my point of view, I just had to vent what I was feeling and thinking to someone other than friends or family……. If anyone has any opinions or advice about the situation that my girlfriend and I are in then I would love to hear them………


Viv - September 7

Sorry to hear of your dilemma. I have long believed the writer was the primary beneficiary of a report. I hope this helped you get a new perspective. It's curious that someone training as a pilot (bomber or fighter is it, mate?) feels that nothing gives us the right to take life away. For what its worth, I feel you should be neutral and support her decision.


FACTS OFF NET copied and pasted - September 8

Teen mothers are less likely to complete high school (only one-third receive a high school diploma) and only 1.5% have a college degree by age 30.8 Teen mothers are more likely to end up on welfare (nearly 80 percent of unmarried teen mothers end up on welfare).9 The children of teenage mothers have lower birth weights10, are more likely to perform poorly in school11, and are at greater risk of abuse and neglect.12 The sons of teen mothers are 13 percent more likely to end up in prison while teen daughters are 22 percent more likely to become teen mothers themselves.


Dean - September 8

Thanks for everyones reply... I'm going to support her decision, even if I don't like it as it is her life as well as mine. I'm training to be a helipilot, mainly search and rescue and transport of troops, non of the b__wing things up!



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