Am I Bein Unreasonable

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xsarahx_18x - February 17

when i found out i was pregnant i quit smoking as i didnt want to harm my baby, but my partner carried on n that didnt really bother me but he smokes around me n so do his parents, we recently went away n every time they lit up i walked out of the room n my partner couldnt understand why n it caused a huge arguement, since then hes tried cutting down but it really gets to me about his parents as they smoke 30-40 a day n they do it right next to me!! all i think is that i quit for a reason but is there much point when im breathing in all there smoke.. am i being stupid? n what am i gonna do when i have the baby as there going to smoke around her!!


KaseyA - February 17

Unfortunately some people will just be inconsiderate. Instead of trying to arue about how insensitive they are to your pregnancy just stay away from them when they smoke. As far as when the baby is born you are her parent and you have the ability to decide what kind of environment you want her situated in. Try talking to your in laws, maybe they didn't know it was bothering you. When I found out I was pregnant both my fiance and I quit together, but my parents still smoke. But they have been very considerate towards me. Good Luck


xoxticiaxox - February 17

I have the same problem, my mother in law (god I hate calling her that) smokes like a friggen chimeney, around me, and in the van ALLL THE TIME! I simply walk away when I can I dont go anywhere with her anymore...I have even stopped going to her house. I told her that if she wants to see my baby, then she better not smoke around her...My baby did nto ask to why should she suffer right. You are being very resonable...and if they are to selfish to see that,,,then they must not care very much for the new baby-to-be.


Mommiex20803 - February 17

Honestly if i were you...i would talk to them and tell them to go outside or go away from you...i mean im young and when i was pregnant with my son i was living with my mom who smoked and i told her from the moment i knew that she had to go outside and smoke because i didnt want that near my baby!...and she did and continues to this day (he's two now)...and now the house smells better and all that...but sometimes some parents arent i would get with your partner and talk to them saying how you dont like it and you would rather them do it somewhere else...and also remember how they found that cig. smoke sometimes causes SIDS..and maybe that will scare them enough to stop! lol ...its your body...your baby...your rules! you have every right to stand up for yourself and your unborn baby! and congrats on stopping smoking when you found out you was pregnant...not many people can do that... :) but i would just talk to them...and if they have a problem with it...find a new place to stay...


AyameLovesXion - February 18

You aren't being unreasonable! I did the same thing, I told my mother either cut down/don't smoke infront of me, or I WILL walk away. Even now I make her wash her hands before she holds the baby after she smokes. I wont even let her NEAR Addy after she smoked unless she did that. I'd talk about it to them!


xsarahx_18x - February 19

thanks for ur advive.. ive tried talking to them though and my partners mum agrees with what i say but they still continue to smoke around me, i think its best that i try to stay away but then i feel really bad as they have done sooo much for me but i want to protect my unborn child!!


Noodle - February 20

why dont you say to them, look i gave up smoking myself because i didnt want smoke to harm my baby, but now im inhaling more of it around you lot then i would be if i was smoking myself. do you want my baby to be premature, full of nicotine and generally unwell.?



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