Am I Going To Be A Mommy

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Jane - November 5

My name is Jane and I'm 11. About 4 months ago I got my first period. My mom told me all about what that meant and that I could have babies now. She told me that one way to tell your having a baby is your period stop coming. She said I would have a period every month so I need to no when the baby will make my tummy big and when it will come out.


/ - November 5

Are you serious?Please don't have s_x until you get all the fact right or you'll definitly end up pregnant.I urge you to go to a relible source and get lots of information.Books or doctor.While your at it get birth control.


?? - November 5



From Jane - November 5

Please tell me about the baby. I remember how big my mom's tummy got when she had my little brothers.


??? - November 5

did you have s_x????


From Jane - November 5

I kissed my boy friend


??? - November 5

then no!! you have to have the p___s go into your v____a and c_m all in you!!!! that's how you can get a baby!! did your mom tell you that??


From Jane - November 5

But I haven't had a period for 4 months. My girl friend has one every month so does my mom. I need to no about the baby.


? - November 5

It takes a while for a period to become regular in some girls.


Katie - November 5

Tell your mom that you think your going to have a baby. She will take you top the doctor and do a test to see why you have not got your second period. Have you ever let your boy friend touch your private places with his p___s or his finger with the white stuff from his p___s. The white stuff is sperm and that is what makes a baby inside you. Lots of luck and hope your test is negative.


More from Katie - November 5

I use to fool around on my bed with my boy friend he had his clothes on and so did I some times the white stuff would leak out of his p___s and he would put it on his finger and then rub his finger on my vigina. It made me feel good to do this. When I was 13 we had real s_x and by the time I was 14 1/2 I was pregnant. I had an abortion because my mom wanted me to wait to have a baby. When I turn 16 I'm going to get pregnant again


adult - November 5

most likely you are not pregnant - enjoy your boy friend with all your clothes on - find a reliable source for information about pregnancy - especially what as you teenager your future will be with an infant - your child


? - November 7

U kidding me your still a baby, enjoy your life worry less about something that shouldnt even be on your mind, play dolls play house whatever it is that u should be thinking about. Besides if u have a kid now kid u will be begging for asking this question and alot more



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