Am I Going To Cope

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Worried - July 13

I'm 18yo and am 33 weeks pregnant. I have finshed yr 12 and have a wonderful loving bf and an awesome family who support me very much. But still sometimes Im shit scared that i wont be a good mother and that something will go wrong. Am i alone in feeling this or is it normal. Am i going to cope.


kate - July 13

yes being a new mom, is very scary, u will cope, just take live day by day, u will be ok if u want to talk u can email me at [email protected] good luck


Lisa - July 13

Some days you will, other days you won't feel as though you are coping. Life is like that after you have a baby. I am sure you will do the best job you can. Enjoy being a mum, dont sweat on the small things. I am sure your boyfriend will help whenever he can, let him take over for a while if you need to rest or get out of the house for a while. Being worried and scared are very normal feelings for any mum. All the best


Worried - July 13

thanks guys


Adriana - July 13

Of course your going to cope. Remember this women are one of the strongest creatures out there. We deal with more during the nine months of pregnancy then most men do in their lives . keep your head up remeber when you feel most along think of that little one inside you, your not alone


Cherie - July 13

Dont worry!.. I believe every pregnant woman thinks about that and questions herself.. including myself.. I worry sometimes.. But you know what.. You will love your baby, and do everything to make your child happy..


Brittany - July 13

Wow, I was in your situation a year ago!! My family was very supportive but I knew they doubted me a bit about becoming a mother. I doubted myself as well. Every woman has a motherly instict that kicks in sometime in her life, yours will kick in once your hold your precious pink swaddled baby in your arms. You'll look into his/her eyes and know that you made this little person. Having your bf's support is awesome too, he can be there while you hear your babies first cry. It's breath taking getting to meet your baby, it was scary for me but from that day on, I changed so much. My family was there to help me learn but everyday that went by, I looked at my son and knew I would and could be the greatest mom he could ever have, even if I was a teenager. What your feeling is totally normal, thats life, we have ups and downs but when we have downs, those are what makes us stronger and able to cope with new harder obstacles! Good luck!! Never let someone tell you your doing something wrong or can't be a good mom, don't even let yourself think it. You are helping your baby grow now even tho it's not born yet. You chose life for it and thats the biggest thing you could do for your baby!!



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