Am I Harming My Baby

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??? - May 1

I am almost 4 months along, and I am supposed to be taking prenatals but since I have no insurance my doctor told me to buy some over the counter.. well I have done that, but everytime I take the prenatals I get really sick.. and I can't keep them or anything else down after taking them? Will this harm my baby? I have a appointment may 10th.. will it be safe not to take them until then?


maya - May 1

no. not that much. some people don't take them and have healthy babies.


katie - May 1

it wud b better if u cud take them but if u cant dnt worry about it...some ppl dnt take them at all...wait until your appointment and discuss it then...but its okies anymore questions just ask xxx katie


Cara - May 1

you should try a different brand b/c you should really be taking something. try normal vitamins for now or try taking your vitamins right after dinner...before you go to bed b/c that helps some people keep them down. also if you arent having luck with the otc ones try to get gov. medical insurance (medicaid and check out WIC) these are two ways to get the care you can your growing baby need. if nothing else make sure you are taking an regular suppliment with folic acid in it b/c folic acid is very important to fetal growth and development also continue to eat as healthy as possible! good luck!


amanda.d - May 1

My doctor recommmended not to be on prenatal vitamins because they actually worsen morning sickness.He told me to make sure i eat healthy and to just atke folic acid, 1mg, and i would be fine.This is my fourth pregnancy and i have never had prenatal vitamins with my other children so good luck.By the way I am not a teen, i was just browsing through.Hope i helped.


Teen mom - May 2

I had the same problem you'er body just need's to get used to them. You must take them constently after a week our so you might start to feel better.It's not harmful to you're baby to not take them but it will keep you and you're baby need the fulic acid in can stop our prevent some very searious birth defects. good luck


Stephanie - May 2

I tried taking prenatals for about two weeks and they made me sick no matter what time of the day I took them either with or without food. If you take care of yourself and exercise and eat healty, your baby will be fine. You child is going to get all of his/her nutrients from you. My daughter is almost seven, and she's perfectly try not to worry.


erica - May 3

hey try two flinstone vitamins a day i know it sounds crazy but they are kids chewables and they are the same vitamin source and easy on the tummy i had the same problem, hope it helps!


Shauna - May 4

if its possible eat fruits and veggies as much as you can and if you can manage to use kiddie vitamins like the flinstone ones. oh and even if its kinda gross tasking pediasure has lots of healthy stuff.


JenniferB - May 4

They made me feel gross too. I decided to take them before I went to bed instead of in the morning. I was asleep so they usually didn't bother me.


Jane - May 4

You'll be ok, but you should try to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to get all the vitamins you need.



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