Am I Jealous Or Do I Just Love Him Please Someone

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Corrine321 - March 28

Okay, my boyfriend for almost 3 years told me last night he talks to girls all the time on his phone, and I had a problem with him and my bestfriend before.... and hes finally over that! But I told him I dont like it and he told me to just f**k off and he can talk to whoever he wants.... and i told him i dont think we should be together cause it upsets me... very badly! I cried for 4 hours straight last night! and couldnt stop crying today! everytime i think about it, its like hes cheating on me... Am i jealous cause he talks with other girls or am I just in love withhim that much....??? I am 28 weeks pregnant.. and I just am so confused about everything!


Esmie - March 29

Hon, I think the way he responded to you addressing your concerns to him is much more reason for worry than you feeling a bit jealous is. I believe that every relationship should be based on trust, and as long as you can trust the person you're in a relationship with, then it shouldn't matter whether you trust anyone outside of the relationship (such as the girls he's been speaking to) - however, I see two points here: not only could you be feeling more insecure due to pregnancy/hormones from pregnancy, but you've also had problems with him in the past. And as I stated, the response he gave you to your concerns was not *at all* respectful or necessary. He should be rea__suring you, not cussing at you like that, especially not when you're pregnant. If he can't be understanding and willing to at the very least rea__sure you at a time when you're feeling insecure, then how can you expect any support from him in the future? I don't mean to b___t into your actual relationship, hon - I know that you asked a specific question... but I think it's something you really need to reevaluate, because no one should be spoken to or treated that way.


katie00 - March 29

I have to agree with ESMIE.Any man that would take to their girlfriend or wife that doesn't care about their feelings.Pregnant woman say and do some crazy things do to hormones but that doesn't excuse his behavior.I get the feeling he hasn't regained you trust from the time you had a problem with him before.I wouldn't make anything final until the baby it born because he may have a hard time handling the stress of becoming a father.I Would spend some time apart and see what happens.Let him know he can't talk to you or treat you with such disrespect.He will move on or open his eyes.You have to make your right choice but I would talk to your friends and family first.It is good to get opinions from people who know the whole story.Because you are pregnant you may say or do somtihing you may regret otherwise.


Gaby - March 29

you know what i have the same problem with jealousy go to my question its called "not about pregnancy but need to talk" im going crazy right now with jealousy and i hate it but im not pregnant the thing that i have a problem with is him talking to girls on the computer in his my space and i did tell him and he told me that he wasnt goingt o stop talking to them beecause they are his friends and that even though they talk it doesnt mean theyre gonna be messing around nut still you know, things go through my god im so mad right now he just called me and i asked him whos the new girl in your my space and he told me and he asked me that why am i always checking his my space that i dont even trust him and he told me i dont even do that to you and your the one who messed up. just read my thing and youll get it but just so you know im going through the same thing youre going through


Corrine321 - March 29

Hey Gaby, Yeah my boyfriend is a jerk... I realized what he is actually doing... Does your boyfriend talk to other girls on the phone or just on the computer? it really upsets me that my boyfriend cant even tell me what he talks about with them... he said its his buisness.. and i even told him i feel very depressed about you talking with them.. and he just says i can do whatever i want.. your not my f-ing mother! yeah.. he is a jerk.. i think hes cheating on me... he doesnt even kiss me... he only gives me a little peck... and all he wants is oral s_x or just s_x! he never wants to talk about things...i think hes just a player!


Gaby - March 30

did you read my question? anyways i know what you mean i have cried so much over it too but i THINK he only talks to them in the computer and you know how you said that he dont want to tell you what they talk about, well he doesnt want to give me his pa__sword to his my space and i dont know what to think i tell why ur keeping something from me or what? and he says "no im not, i cant even have a my space cuz u want to be checking it and everyhting, its not like were married" so i do get how it feels for him to tell you something like that. why dont you tell him that if he doesnt want to be with you to just tell you instead of keeping you like a stupid a__s and ask him why is he being like that with you knowing that your having his baby. i even feel like crying right now its just so many things that go through my head he evn tells me "babe im not messing up but if ur not comfortable with me cuz your always thinking bad then why dont you brak up with me" but i cant i dont want to what i want is for him to not have a my space i mean i cant stop him from talking to girls cuz its gonna happen no matter what. oh and it also makes it worse for me cuz were in different schools so i think who is he with but then i try to think "well im here and when i do talk to guys its nothing bad so maybe its the same with him"


heatherlove - March 31

i used to have that same problem when i was with my boyfriend. and no matter what he said i alwasy felt like somethin was gonna happen. not cause i didnt trust him (cause i did) i just wanted to know that no other girls were involved. he didnt want me with my guy friends cause he didnt trust them. eventually it just caused problems cause if he saw me or heard about me with my guy friends, he would go with his girl friends. thats just how he was. you have to kinda do what you think is right. if you think hes cheating on you, then let him go, it'll get better. you'll figure it out. and i might sound like a therapist but im not obviously lol ive just been through things 3296879235 times with guys so i try to help with what i can. and i know what youre goin through, me and my boyfriend of 1 yr and a half, and the father of my baby, just broke up because of a stupid guy friend/ girl friend thing. very stupid reasons. so anyway yeah let us know



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