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Amy - May 16

ive been having unprotected s_x for about 2 months and my period is due thursday and now im noticing my veins are sticking out in my chest, and above my br___ts and i had a brownish discharge 3 times. my period is due thursday. can i test now?


Grandpa Viv - May 16

Oops! Implantation spotting and new veins are strong signs. How about fatigue, more bathroom trips, and tummy upsets? It's too early to test - try Sunday first pee, and if that is negative try again a week later. Good luck!


Amy - May 16

The spotting is still occuring slightly. I had a little bit more earlier in the day but now a little when i wipe. My tummy is kinda upset, and i'm peeing more frequently. I'm tired a lot too. My head hurts a lot too.


jenny - May 17

your most likly pregnant just with the peeing alot that sort of tells you


danielle - May 19

oh my god! the same thing is happening to me- im dead serious- i dont kno what to do though im 16 and my boyfriend is 17-my period was suppose to come on the 14th, i didnt want a kid and we used protction but if im pregnant i will have it- i jus dont kno what to - should i take a test or something? is it to early? please help!


Amy - May 19

danielle, wait it out. my period came after 3 days of spotting.


If your scared......... - May 19

If you've been having s_x and think you're scared and then find out you are pregnant, do NOT think that the easy way out is abortion! It will be a decision that will haunt you the rest of your life. I promise you! Your mother will be upset, but will get over it quickly! Do not choose to end the life of your precious baby!


danielle - May 19

thank you amy, i ll wait a little longer and to the other post its funny that you said "my mother will be mad but she will get over it" because my mom told me that i should have an abortion if i am pregnant and if i have it i will lose my pride! i dont know what to do but i promise i will not get and abortion ever i cat bring my self to do it! thanks for your responces i will keep you posted on my condition!



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