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honesty - June 28

how do i know if im pregnant he nutted in me a little bit but how do i know if im not showing


amanda17 - June 28

Okay whoever made up the term "nutted" needs to be shot because that just sounds revolting. Anyways, there are loads of symptoms of pregnancy, a dead give away would be missing your period. So if you miss your period take a pregnancy test, you can find one at any drug store. Please practice safe s_x, or no s_x at all.


Teddyfinch - June 28

this is just a baited post so the martyrs of the board can b___h at us when we get on to this idiot. i wouldn't even bother trying to help. but to satisfy my own humor.**honesty** take a test, you dumba__s. if it's negative, you're not pregnant and if it's positive, you're pregnant. **amanda** watch, someone will come in and say "see i told you you're too mean teddy! wah wah!"


amanda17 - June 28

I was holding back on this post. I do somewhat pity the severely uneducated... Anywho. Teddy I adore you, you're far from mean... You've just got a sense of humor :D


angelmonkey - June 29

nutted!! nutted for christ sake what is wrong with you people! i sware theres people out there that think sperm is magical unicorns and rainbows!! ok i dont even know where that came from lol im in one of those feeky moods lol


ashley_1991 - June 29

teddy ur so mean :D hahah just kidding.


amanda17 - June 29

Yuck, that word makes me cringe...


Teddyfinch - June 29

i suppose i have a very dry sense of humor lol. but ty ^^ for being a young'in, i have a lot of respect for you, too.


Teddyfinch - June 29

angel: welcome to pregnancy lol! **ashley** RAWR!! =P


ashley_1991 - June 29

LMAO i had to say it :P


bellybubble - June 29

HA HA HA NUTTED - sorry I have NEVER heard that before and it is pretty funny - in a gross kind of way - must be my aussie sense of humour haha. I am not a teen (ahhhh but I remember those days fondly haha) but come onto this forum every now and then.... Yeah - take a test - if he "nutted" in you (sorry couldnt help myself) then you could indeed be pregnant! A test is really the only way to know...


amanda17 - June 29

Hahaha, angel... what on earth are you talking about sperm being unicorns and rainbows?! I just had a picture in my head of like sperm with unicorn horns on their heads gliding over rainbows. I had freaky moods when I was pregnant too but that was just ridiculously random :P


Bilmes123 - June 29

where the hell did the term nutted come from......never heard it before..we don't use that in canada...i actualy did not get what the post ment until i read some of the comments...does nutted mean ejaculate or c_m...even c_m sounds nasty lmao but first i thought he like nutted her in the b___s but shes a girl....lmao


amanda17 - June 29

I live in California and I had never heard the term nutted until a few months ago, and it was on this site hahaha. Goddd it's so gross I have no idea where these kids learn this stuff... I'm even in their age group and I don't know!!


amanda17 - June 29

Oh & yes it means ejaculated.


angelmonkey - June 30

haha amanda i dont know where it came from i was just in a totally random mood lol!


mrsherzog - June 30

Although I don't disagree that "nutted" is revolting, maybe it's a word used in a social circle that we are just not a__sociated with. And yes, teddy, you are being a b___h again! Funny how you recognize you're own actions so soon? I would also say that You're a bit paranoid and to satisfy my own humr, I felt compelled to respond as well:) As far as the question goes...this ? doesn't make much sense. If you think there is a chance you may have gotten pregnant, take a test or call your Dr. That is far more telling than whether you are showing or not.



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