Am I Preg Again

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judi - November 16

Hope anyone can help to answer this for me. I am 20 and have 2 kids myself.they are 1 year and half apart which is pretty close for me to have second kid. After I have second kid who is barely 6 months now. I am not sure if I remember how period is working with cycle. I have period cycle which is going werid but have been getting them on or before 7th (I think). For this month I haven't get it until finally yesterday 14th which is got me worried. I have been on diet for about 2 months now. I have been dizzy and lighthead, headache, moody, impatient, br___ts sore for only 2 days, more appet_te but can't eat more I eat because of diet, those occur is going on for a week and half now. I took 2 preg test and 1 dr test. It came out neg. Is that possible for me to be preg again with period, neg test, and those sympotes? Or my mind is playing with me? Please help and answer this if you can. Thanks


*X* - November 16

In my unprofessional opinion, your mind is most likely playing with you, but just take a test again in a couple weeks to make absolutely sure. Your diet could also influence your periods if it's a particularly intense one. If you don't mind me asking, are you by any chance Russian or from a previous Russian state?


hope this helps - November 18

when you are dieting it can affect your period, you can miss it or it can be heavier or whatever, also with a change in diet all those symptoms you have could be normal, are you eating enough? Exercise and diet change alot of things....with negative test at home and with the doctor I wouldn't worry.


Med Student - November 23

If any kind of strange symtoms persist or worsen, keep a list and see your doctor. Having babies close together is very hard on your body. While some women seem heartier than others and bear up under the physical strain well, others struggle a bit. Make sure you keep taking your vitamins, get plenty of water and plenty of sleep. Lack of all these things can also cause the symptoms you name. Good luck!!



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