Am I Pregant At 14

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staci - August 7

hi im 14 and i had s_x with my boyfriend abut a month ago without protection and i didnt take the morning after pill the next br___ts are getting bigger and are really sore,im bloating out, i eat alot more and always hungry, im starting to feel sick alot(like puke sick), my stomach is always feeling wierd and i am worried that im pregnant,i took a uran pregnanct test and it came out negative,im only 14 and my boyfriend is 16 im worried that im gonna be a young mother. my mom said that if im pregnant she will have my boyfriend arrested. im worried that if i am pregnant then i will never beable to see him again.he said that if im pregnant then he would take care of me and the baby. (this is really nasty) i have alot of this white discharge like stuff in my underwear and i dont know if that is a sign of afraid that if im pregnant my mom will kick me out or ignore me because she disowns me so much. plz tell i pregant??


Holly - August 5

Staci , you may be pregnant! Did he c_m in or around that area? if he did then there is a good chance you are, dont worry about it, im 14 and im afraid of the exact same thing, i didnt tell my mother yet, but im afraid she might kick me out too, i used a condom but something happened and im not sure as though if it fell off before or after he came becuz when he pulled out it wasnt on anymore, My boyfriend also said hes going to take care of me and the baby too if i am, so dont worry your not the only one out there with this problem, its almost like the same exact thing happened to both of us, if you have anymore questions let me know!


Steph - August 5

you might be... but as far as your mother havhing your boyfreind arrested... she can't... it was mutual and it's not stat_tory rape cause he's not over 18.... it's compleatly fine for you guys to be to gether and you're mother can't do anything about that untill he's 18... goodluck


staci - August 7

holly and steph thanx for helping me out im just really scared and in 2 more days i have to go to the clinic and take the test lets hope im not going to be pregnant but if i am im happy in a way im happy that it is with him. my one and only i love him so much!! thanx again you 2



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