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Jenn - November 25

i missed my period this month, because i usually get it the first couple days beggining in the month, but now its almost the end of the month, and today i started bleeding, i thought i had my period but it seems like a light reddish/pink, and my stomach been feeling kind of wierd, like of cramps but like a 'fluttery' kind of feeling, and my appet_te has changed, i started eating in the middle of the night, getting cravings, u could say, and now im confused, i dont know if im pregnant or not, can u help me? somebody mature plz, and thnak-you! i took a pregnant test and one came up - and one came up thats why im confused!?


ally - November 25

you need to get a blood test from the drs, thats the only way to determine for sure... Sometimes we can make ourselves think we r pregnant when we are late.. Honeslty its in the head, same with the period we think we r getting cramps when they may be pregnancy cramps or vice versa, ease ur mind and get a blood test cause they are 100 percent accurate. good luck


........... - November 25

If you got a pregnancy test back with a +, then you are pregnant.. please go see a doctor soon so you can properly care for your pregnancy!


Grandpa Viv - November 25

Right, any time you get a positive it means you are almost certainly pregnant. The negative was probably too early or with dilute urine. Take another test to be sure, but at the same time buy some prenatal vitamins with folic acid to prevent birth defects. Make a doctor or clinic appointment for early December. Some bleeding in early pregnancy is not uncommon, but it might also suggest a possibility of the pregnancy not sticking. Good luck!


Jenn - December 14

THNX ALOT YOU GUYS!! MUCH RESPECT TO YOU ALL, AND I AM PREGNANT! doctors say im 5 weeks now :D well thnx for your parents are not happy but they arw gonna support me and this child! thnx


Hannah - December 16

You wouldn't get flutters this early on. You are not feeling the baby move (if you are pregnant). If the 1st test came up negative, it may have been too soon to test. If the second one came out positive, I'd say it is accurate. Rarely do you get a false positive. False negatives are more common.



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