Am I Preggo Or Just Stressin

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Mary Anne - May 15

Should I take a preggo test? My last period stated on the 10th of April and end on the 14th and was normal for me. I went to the prom with my steady on the 22nd of April. We were going to an after prom party and he rented a motel room for us to change our clothes before the party. Well we naver made it to the party. In stead we made love at the motel. We had done it a couple of times before and he always used a condom. We used a condom the first time but not the second time before we went home. By the time I thought about emergency conterception it was to late. Now i'm late as I get my period between the 10th and 12 of each month. I don't have any of the early signs that i'm preggo except being late. How much longer should I wait to do a test. Also I have a test (left over from my older sister and here husband) that has an expiration date of Dec 2004 is it any good or should I get a new one?


Grandpa Viv - May 15

Some women get no signs other than a missed period. Right about now would normally be a good time to start testing. Use that left-over test - if it is positive I would believe it. If negative, you will have to figure out how to get another for next weekend. Good luck!


Mary Anne - May 27

Please respond I need to know


Audrey - May 28

Mary Anne- If your period was on 4/10 then you would have ovulated around 4/24. Since you had s_x on 4/22 that would have been prime fertile time. As Grandpa Viv said, use that test that you have. If you don't trust it, try getting a new one. Good luck!


Mary Anne - June 1

Not Stressin any longer. I went to clinic and i'm preggo. I don't know how to Ricky he is going to be a dad. I know i'm not ready to be a mom.


Audrey - June 1

Mary Anne- Telling your loved ones you're pregnant is one of the hardest things to do, but it's best to get it in the open ASAP so you can get the care that you and your baby need. You'll need to think about a few things: 1) Do you plan to go to college or get a job? 2) Are you mentally and financially able to support a child? 3) Will your boyfriend stick with you? You do have options, whether to keep, adopt, or abort. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.


Mary Ann - June 1

Now I'm really stressin the clinic confirmed that I'm Preggo. What do I do now? How do I tell everyone bf and Mom. How can I keep my baby and finish high school. We don't graduate until next year. Help. has anyone else finished school and been preggo. I know a couple of girls that will have babies this summer but they both graduate next week. I can go to school until my 9th month and come back but how do I care for the baby and finish school?


dont worry - June 2

well, first u need to tell ur mother and b/f. I told my mom by writing her a letter, i left it on the kitchen table, and left for the day. Wen i came back that night she was very calm and we talked about it. Ur mom will help u make those important decisions that ur stressin about. good luck to u!



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