Am I Preggy

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Anissa - January 24

Hello, I need an answer as soon as possible. Im panicking! Since my early teenage years, ive been very irregular with getting my period. Its heriditary in my family, sometimes i go through gaps of 1,2,3,4 and even 5 months! I am 'technically' a virgin but have gone quite far with my boyfriend, sometimes we have 'pretend' s_x but i have never taken off my pants only once but i was wearing my underwear! if you get what I mean. I havent gotten my period in 4 months now and im too scared to see a doctor. Technically, could i get pregnant this way? What if a sperm hits the outer layer of a va___a? Thanks Anissa


Layla - January 24

It's possible, but not very likely. Just keep s____n away from your v____a. Have you had tests to see why your periods are so irregular? You might have PCOS, and it's best to get that treated as it can cause problems in the future.


...... - January 24

I agree with the Layla that if you haven't, you need to go to the doctor to see why your periods are irregular. I know this can be a rather tedious and nerve wrenching task. My periods are also irregular and my doctor put me on the pill to regulate my periods when I was 16. Even still, when I was 18 I got off the pill because I wanted to have my periods on my own...dumb idea...they are still irregular. I made an appt. with my doc and I made a list of questions to ask him about why my periods are irregular. I did a bunch or research on PCOS and other things a__sociated with irregular cycles. I plan on telling him that I want to be tested for these things. Are irregular periods common in your family?


Anissa - January 25

Yeah, its heriditary. Well my mother was irregular when she was younger, n my elder sister is too. Though the twins (second eldest) are not! Ill have a look. But im feeling better today, i think i just started panicking for nothing yesterday, i doubt im pregnant.. i would have known and his p___s hasnt been anywhere my v____a (without cloths on) and even when i had my underwear on he didt ejaculate.. But ill look up n PCOS



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