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karla - October 17

is there a certain age you can get pregnant because i have been having unprotected s_x everyday for the last 3 months and i noticed i cannot get pregnant why is that?is it because of my body cycle?


Kelsey - October 17

Well if you think there is a certain "age" that you have to be to get pregnant, you really shouldn't be trying to get pregnant because apparently you are not mentally mature. You can get pregnant at any freakin age.


mara - October 18

kelsey I am starting to get a bit disgusted with your replies. You are so rude and degrading. Girls are posting here for help, not criticism.


Kelsey - October 18

Degrading huh? Well its pretty sad how retarded people are, they need to use their freaking heads before they post questions that are pathetic. How the hell are we supposed to know if people are pregnant? They need to take a HPT and figure it out for themselves.


Kristy Cousin - October 18

I did the same thing for about 1yr and I just found out the Oct.5 that i am pregnant. I did not know what was wrong. But just think about what i said!


Carol - October 18

I use a turkeybaster, I may be pregnant


Carol - October 18

Ignore the comment above. Obviously another 'wanna be' pretending to be me. By the way, it's turkey baster, two words, DUH


hey carol - October 18

is it true that you have been making up posts and lies. if so, how could you expect people to trust your answers now. i would have trusted your opinions but i don't know if your lying or telling the truth. everyone on this site seems to think you are lying.


to carol - October 18



Carol - October 18

I am not pregnant, but I know something I read a biology book, so ha!


Carol - October 18

Again post above this is not me, just someone pretending to be me. Yes, I have read that 'someone' admitted to being me. Let me just draw your attention to something; I always post with the name Carol, there are morons who are pretending to be me with the name CAROL and carol. So now I ask you, who is the real Carol? Some people have no observation skills at all. If you are going to pretend to be me, do a little research first.


Carol - October 18

Again that is not me, I am Carol.


Carol - October 18

No really the last two posts above this one are not me. See i started out using CAROL then i recently switched to Carol. So I mean really Carol impersonators do some research and quit putting my name to shame!!


Lisa - October 18

Carol who cares? Nobody likes you anyway. Do you not read the forums you moron, you want to have a baby so you can drop out of school, I mean how stupid can you have been on here all d__n day pretending to be people...nobody cares for your opinion, and you did say that you were above us all so why don't you get the hell out, all of us are hipped to you.


Carol - October 18

I did not start out using CAROL. That CAROL is a different CAROL. I am Carol and always have been. I am flattered that so many people desire to be me. Well I guess there can only be one real Carol, so all of you out there having ident_ty problems; Get A Life.


to carol - October 18

trust us nobody wants to be you, you just wish you were pregnant, read the forums nobody wants you here, you need to get a life, NOBODY WANTS TO EVEN KNOW YOU LET ALONE BE YOU.....TAKE A HINT MORON


Annie - October 18

well to tell you the truth i had unprotected s_x for 8 months and then i got pregnant, sometimes its just not the right time of the month other times it just takes awhile. but everyone is different some people get pregnant on the first try other people it takes years for them to get pregnant. i personally always thought i just couldnt get pregnant or that my boyfriend couldnt get me pregnant or something but i am now ( 4 months yay )



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