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maria - November 12

how long does spermatosoid live on the skin,can i get pregnant if i'm having s_x whit my partner for the second time and the first was 6 Hours before the second and he didnt cleand his p__s from the first time


Adult - November 12

Maria, With allot of knowledge sperm can survive and make you preganant at least 12 hours after leaving your bf. If his sperm was near your v____a there is a chance they can swin to your eggs. They are designed to do this. EVEN IF YOUR HYMEN IS INTACT. The sperm would really like to form a partnership with your eggs. If you had round 2 with out protection you could be pregnant. And if succesful you get to carry the result for 9.5 months. Please for your mental health and perhaps for your childs get a test and see a doctor or some one at PP Please


T - November 12

Maria - Of course you can get pregnant every time you have unprotected s_x! S_x doesn't care if its your first time or your hundreth time. Sperm is designed to swim to a womans eggs and make a baby. Think about it. Use protection and get yourself a test.


maria - November 13

ok,after having s_x my bf didnt cleand his p___s with water only with pice of paper and after 6 hours we did it again,can the sperm from the last time, wich was before 6 h and it was cleand partly,make me pregnant?can sperm live after 6 h on the skin in his underwear.he didnt left sperm on my v____a either first or second time only he forgot to clean his p___s from the first time-6 h ago


wow - November 13

i guess this is what everyone is talking about!you really need to wait before you have s_x if you dont know if thers a possibility


tati - November 13

I just started my cycle but I think im still 3 months pregnant. Is that possible?


ella - November 13

No Maria, sperm cannot live outside on clothing or the skin that long. it does, however, live for up to 48 hours inside of your body. The issue here is not whether or not sperm can live on skin-the real issue is you CAN become pregnant if you have unprotected intercourse even if he does NOT c_m in you. Men have what is called "pre-c_m", s____n continually leaks from men's p___ses when they are erect. Trust me, I know for sure that you CAN get pregnant by using the withdrawal method!!!


honey - November 14

why is my belly hard at 2 weeks


girl - November 14

are you pregnant? because that most defianelty does not mean you are pregnant. you are probably constipated go take a nice long poop



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