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Nadahlia - March 27

I had my period last month, and haven't had s_x since, BUT i am peeing more than ever, i get nausous between 2 and 6 in the morning, i am 2 weeks late for my next period....i don't know WHAT to do. i can't ask my mom for money, she just sent me to live with my uncle, and i can't ask him for money, because he will FREAK OUT. So i can't buy a test.....but....WHAT CAN I DO????


maren - March 27

you can find a planned parent hood and they can do a test for you, you can ask someone to borrow you a few dollars so you can buy one. What about they guy make him buy the test either way you need to test. You might have to ask your uncle if you cant get to a test any other way. I mean your living with him so if you are pregnant not like he wont freak out anyways good luck


Corrine321 - March 27

Hey Nadahlia, Like Maren said find a planned parent hood and do a test for you or just borrow some money from a friend so you could get one! And to me... when i first found out that I was pregnant I was peeing alot!! I couldnt stop!!! and i got very nautious.. but never threw up... I still get nautious... But hun, dont freak out about to much.. Just take a test... and keep us posted! [email protected] You can talk to me anytime.. I am 15 and 28 weeks tomorrow! so just e-mail me if you would like to talk more!


MystinaAlise - March 27

you can also call your local hospital and ask them about planned parenthood or i believe the ER can do a pregnancy test for you


Grandpa Viv - March 27

You are 2 weeks late for your March period (3/13) and your Feb period was on time (2/13?). Was the Feb period lighter than normal, and did you have unprotected s_x the last weekend in January? If the answer to these two questions is "yes", then coupled with the signs you are having I would say it is very likely you are 6 weeks pregnant. You need adult help while there is still time to make decisions. Since your mom is already p.o'd at you, maybe she is your best bet, or you could try the nurse/guidance at school who have preg tests in their desk drawer. More at and good luck!



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