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k_c - June 20

I have been dating my boyfriend for 9 months and finally we decided to have s_x. I went on the pill for a full month in may and we did not have s_x. I finished my period on wednesday may 31st and took my first two pills thursday and friday. We had s_x friday night at 3am or so, i take my pill at 6pm. We had s_x about sixteen times that night and for the next two nights. Everytime we had intercourse we used a condom. Because we had s_x the first week of my second pack of pills it is more dangerous is it not? Since then i have been woried sick i am pregnant and my br___ts are extrememly sore. I am expecting my period June 28th, and i have 8 days until i find out, is it possible i am seeing signs already? PLEASE HELP ME


adensmama - June 20

I think i was havin tenderness in my b___sts before my missed period so i think its possible for those signs to come before u get/miss ur period


Grandpa Viv - June 20

You have been taking bc pills as prescribed and using condoms by the gross. It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant, though you may be experiencing side effects of starting on the pill. Read the instructions about side effects or go to the manufacturers web site. Good luck!


mz_nikki_x - June 22

my question is: i had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend on the 28th & 31st of may & on the 11th june we were trying for a baby but due to me being hormonal, emotional & angry 4 no reason we split 4 couple of days. I am now experiencing what i think is morning sickness foods i usually love make my stomach turn i get mild period like cramp in my lower abdomen ,slight lower pain in my back and weird feeling in my stomach could this mean i am pregnant? My last period was the 27/05/06 meaning i would be nearly 4weeks im just really concerned please help. Nicole


Grandpa Viv - June 25

Nikki, you tried for a baby about the most fertile day of your cycle, and it looks like you might have succeeded. Being super emotional is a sign. The bf should come back once you explain what was going on. Meanwhile go to the Dollar Store with a five dollar bill and ask the cashier where she keeps home pregnancy tests. Use it next weekend on first morning pee. If it says Positive, carry it in to your mom and say, "Mom, does this mena what I think it does?" It's easier to get it over with soonest than worry about it for months. See and Good luck!



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