Am I Pregnant 14 Year Old

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JDThomas - August 10

i'm 14 yrs and i'm telling u from experience that..that is a horrible thing to go through at this age.. my friend went through it and she was 1 of the smartest kids in my cla__s..when she became pregnant..her grade were just dropping, it was hard for her... her mom almost through her out of the house.. and her bf left after he said that he was gonna be there 4 her...its really painful 2 bring a baby in ur tummy... its like 50 3500 page book that someone threw on u from off a high building... dont mess up ur childhood now... enjoy it.. enjoy ur first kiss. enjoy rocking out to music, enjoying being a kid who does not have responsibilities to do...


watsonovedades - August 11

Common you're only 14, i mean really?


shel1234 - August 17

am 2 weeks pregnant and am 14 and a wasnt trying for a baby but it just happened and a told the boy who i slept with cause we werent together but hes older than me and he said that hes going to help me with the baby we have picked a name and we are going to call it riley i know that am very young to be having a baby cause am only young myself but now that i am pregnant i cant get rid of it i know its going to be hard but its still my baby and the only thing that i can do is do the best for it my friends have been so supportive and my mum has been the best i just need a bit of help on what is the best for my baby? me and the dad are thinking about going in a relationship for the baby sake and am moving out when am 16 and the babys due the 8th may 2011 and the baby will be 5 months old when am 16 but a want to have my eduction too so am going to go as far as i can in the school till the baby comes and when the baby comes i will have to go back too school and my life is going to change totally cause i cant just go out when my friends ask me too cause i will have my baby but thats what you have to do if your not going to get rid of it and you dont use protection just i need help on what to do?


Grandpa Viv - August 17

Cute! If your baby is due 5/8/2011, you are only now ovulating, and you won't get a positive pregnancy test for another couple of weeks. Is it possible you are 6 weeks pregnant from s_x in the middle of July, and had an in-pregnancy bleed at the beginning of August? Good luck anyway.


Leiloniemarie - September 9

ohkayy, listen here im sorry to say but i am 14 annnd pregnat annndit ant that fun, i addmite i am wayyy too young but that is just how it is, i ant say go annnd get pregnat im sayyin relize what you do before you do itt. --Leilonie(:


Grandpa Viv - September 9

Good luck with your pregnancy, Leilonie! Have you broken the news to your family? Are you taking prenatal vitamins? When is your due date?


carleyw - September 26

hey i want a baby 2 and im 12 but waiting to concieve until im 14 and i have one friend who is 13 and had a health baby boy 2 months ago and her bf was 17 and there living together and she may be pregnat again.and i have another friend whos 13 and her baby is 4 months old and health but her babies dad was shot by his brother because he wouldnt take care of there baby.sad to say he pa__sed.but shes ok now.both of them have supportive parents who love the and there baby boys.i know ALOT of pregnant or who had the babys at 16 and under and all very happy they kepy there babies all of them are very healthy and happy :) hoped i helped.ur not alone.there thousands of 14 year old moms or soon to be moms and i will be one 2 :)


RyeChaos - September 26

To: Carleyw r u crazy girl!!!! having a baby is no joke n its a serious thing bcaz u have to go to school earn ur education n go to work earn a living in order to survive in this world! Harsh reality is when u have a baby u have to take them to the doctor the dentist go out to buy formula if ur not b___st feeding change diapers watch them n they will reach a certain age where they get into everything n put everything in their mouths n when they throw tantrums i mean they do throw a heck of tantrums n when u try everything to figure out why they cry they will giv u aches n pains n ull b tired all the tiime n b sleep deprives and ur only 12 now n thinking of having a baby at 14??? girl u r too young wait until u meet the right guy to plan to have a life with n b married n u dont want a child in this world not to have both parents or the custody battles if u two broke up or he's not willing to pay child support or run away to another place n u cant provide for that baby if u have no money no place for them to b raised properly n i know what the hell im talking about bcaz i went through this c___p n it's hell if u dont have a supportive family then dont even try n discuss this with your parents... the guy may not stay with you n can give u hell stress whatever whether your baby comes out healthy or not there's risks and at a young age your body needs to b develop into a grown woman and you dont watch Teen Moms on mtv havent u? I'm 18 struggling for my life n im very ill at this point because of my high stress level having to deal with my baby's father who's threatened me trying to take my son away n try to put abandonment charges on me... believe me having a baby wont put ur life in a happy spot you only see the good side but not the bad side... BUT i DONT REGRET having my son in my life n i posted something on here almost 4 months ago n my son is gonna b 13 months i need to buy clothes for him to fit him n diapers n formula or milk snacks making sure he is fed well and gets his naps on a regularly basic n bathing him n all of this with no help i hav no rides to anywhere so i have to take the bus to his doctor n sometimes u maybe sick n wont b able to handle taking care of ur child... if u dont think this through ur going to ruin ur life n throw away school just for something u feel like u WANT?


RyeChaos - September 26

To: Shel1234 i advise you to go to a school counselor to c what alternatives studies u can attend while staying at home to take care of your child if you have no one to take care your ur baby for you. you may also search up in your community if there's any parenting cla__ses or read up on books n not all parenting will b the same for you but just for the basic with hygiene for your baby and other stuff you may need. any programs you might be interested in that you may think will help you in providing care for you child too any other questions you got dont b afraid to ask Best of Lucks on your pregnancy..


babybabe - March 21

just cus shes 14 dont mean to say she isnt ready for it when shes ready she will no


jjtweet - March 26

hey,whatever happened?.. its 2011 now and this was written 2005.. can you tell me what you decided to do? thanxx :)


19Female20 - March 28

wow isabel your boyfriend and you wont be together forever just because of a baby I'm sorry to be so blunt but yeah hahahah im sorry it's kinda funny how naive you are.....your a kid yourself and you sound really immature so your no where near being ready I hope and prey you dont get pregnant not only for yourself but for the baby if your boyfriend loves you why would he leave if your so IN LOVE why should you need a baby to keep you together..


pansonaa28 - June 27

Heyy Im 14 Years Old Im Not Gonna Judqe Youh..I Have bf Too Both Of Us Wantt A Kidd He Have 8 Months Toqether..I Lovee Soccer (Im Pretty Sure U Have Sumthinq U Lovee Doenn) An I Know A Kid Is Gonna Prevent Me From Playinq Waht I Love The Most..I Thinkk Boutt Ihtt Alot Before Doen Sumthinq ill Reqrett...U Think U Love Him Now..Jst Think Aboutt Ihtt And Im Here For Youh((:


kaylaanddavid - July 30

Are you serious!! Im 14 as well and having a baby would be amazing(: Having someone to always look after and to be a mom! AMAZING(: but lets get real! After you have the baby your boyfriend is going to get stressed and wanna go out and be a regular teenager! he wont stay around! and the expenses of a baby is outrages! i know this because a few months ago my little brother was born and my mom has to work! she has me and my 2 sisters to look after as well! i watch my brother day and night! its really not easy at all! so my advice is to not have a baby wait untill you can get a job and a husband that will stick around:D


perla - September 17

dude your desprate specially if ur doing it to keep the guy wit you im 14 & i sure as hell know a babyy wont keep the guy wit you grow up or at least b realistic check yourself !!


exibaby911 - June 18

Yall need to stop telling her to keep her legs closed. That is so rude and immature to post. If she wants to have a kid at her age thats fine. Age does not show capability. It's perftectly fine to want to be a mom, Just remember the younger you are the harder it is. I know what it's like to be in her position. It's not easy having the entire world tell you that youre crrazy and you shouldn't be thinking like that. Girly I support you 10000% percent. I know how you feel :) good luck



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