Am I Pregnant 14 Year Old

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frenchy - May 2

why does it keep saying that this is a duplicate post when i try to post my situation?


frenchy - May 2

hey im 16 and my gf is 14 we had s_x last about 9 days ago, she says she was supposed to come on her period last week but she was a week early on her last period, now we are both wooried that she could be pregnant, but i wore a condom and did not ejaculate, however i did change condoms befor i put it in because i lost my erection and the lube came off the condom, we were both virgins and im not sure if her hymen popped is their a chance that she could be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - May 2

I doubt she is pregnant. More likely her cycle is upset from the s_xual experimentation. I'm happy to hear you are conscientious with the condoms. I'm not so happy that a girl of such tender age is involved. If you love her, you will back off for a couple of years. FYI, the least fertile part of the month is the week or ten days before her period is expected. GL!


frenchy - May 2

ooh okaii thankyouu, my freind said that shes probs late because of stress, should we stop woorying or take a test? and yes we have both agreed that we arent going to have s_x for a few more years yet :)


hellyeahhh - May 20

You should totally get pregnaunt. LIke, I love my kids and I bet you'd love yorus too. before my boyfriend killed himself, we were in a fully committed relationship just because of our babieS. Like, he told me he loved me a lot & he said it to the kids too so what does that tell you? that he loved me. You will love being knocked up, i mean i hated it, but when i was on crack i didnt even notice. right now im crying just thinking about my kids because they keep crying. I mean they cry a lot but once you b___st feed them (O M G IT HURTS SOOO BAD) but once your nipples start getting used to it you get totally used to the purpleness and the sagg. Anywayz i love my kids a lot. SUPER lot. I'll pray for you to get pregnant so we can be pregg buddies :) love, hellyeahhh x xxx love you bunches (AND YOUR SOON TO BE BABY)


hellyeahhh - May 20

Oh and ps ignore the haterzz


RyeChaos - May 25

lolz im enjoying reading all the people saying old OLD post d__n it is old and i enjoy being a mom to a 9 month old and it does depend if you have a easy baby but im not going to say get pregnant or anything. Im ProLife (anti-abortion)teen mom isnt easy you must be talented in multi-tasking from juggling to taking care of ur baby to doing ur school work and financial wise in this economic isnt easy lil ones. So THINK a MILLION times before you bring a baby into this world. they need a home and loving parents and BOTH has to b there. I do agree now that people should wait to get married and have kids and i don' really care the s_x part but it's kinda funny caz most of u haters out there didnt read the terms saying no vulgar and or hate posts on here well if ne of u need advice come ask me i dont bite


Bstorm31 - June 2

I understand you. i am 15 years old & i LOVE kids. All i think about is holding something in my arms that i made & shared my body with. i want to be called "mom" & looked up to.I would be proud to have a kid. Am i trying for one? no way. But if it happens since im on the pill..then its ment to be.


Princess96 - June 6

I am 14 years old and I'm trying to get pregnant also. I could care less what all these negitve ppl say because its what me and him want. He has a job and an apartment, we can make it. And he would never leave me! So honey I am so for itt. We have been tryin for a while noww. I wish you guys the best of luck. :)))


producerse - June 7

Hi, I am a producer working on a new talk show for WGN in Chicago (NOT SPRINGER) and am doing an episode about pregnant girls and young women or ones who want to be...How do your parents feel about this? Do you want to confront them on the show and explain why you want a baby? Are you already pregnant.. I would love to talk with you and give you all the details.. I am flying people out this weekend so give me a call back at 312-527-8953... Thanks Sarah


bobfred124 - June 17

i got pregnant when i was 13 tuning 14


bobfred124 - June 17

i got pregentnt when i was 13 turning 14 my boyfriend was 16 turning 17 he had 3 jobs and was makin pretty good money but once we had brice themoney went by really quickly u dont want to have a kid. i love my baby with all my heart but u have no idea how stressfull it is to be a teen mom. when brice has a doctors a ppointmen i cant take him i have to get my aunt to take me because my parents kicked me out. haveing a child at this young of an age is really difficult. school is harder than ever. once u get pa__s everyone staring u are to tired from staying up all night to consentrait on your school work. you cant go to footbal games or anything because u just want to be with ur bby and if ur not home with him everyone calls u a bad mother. see we didint try to have a bbby it just happend, and i wouldnt even consider abortion. so now i have a job he has 3 we both have school and have to pay billslots and lots of bils,buy food,dipers,clothes,its really hard so just dont do it ok


harriet96 - June 22

i have a question... and i know there hasnt been any reply's and questions now for a long time but i hope this can be answered. I am 14 and i am going to a party soon which will have alcohol and boys etc, and a boy i have liked for a long time will be there, we was talking the other day and he said he would like to have s_x with me, but i dont know what to do, he is 16 and it would be mine first time to do it, so do you think it would be right or worng to go through with this?


Grandpa Viv - June 22

Say "I really like you, but if you don't mind, I am planning to remain a virgin a little longer." Then make sure you do not drink anything you have not poured and guarded yourself. Stay away from alcohol - it clouds the judgement. Stay in company, not off with him by yourself. In the end he will respect you more for your position than if you give in, though I can't guarantee that he won't go off and find an easier mark. I pray for your safety. Let us know how it goes. GL!


Miranda18 - June 30

Please answer my question: I have been taking birth control for 10 days and I had unprotected s_x last night and he pulled out. I take my birth control at 8 every night. I never forget. Does the diarhoa effect my pills? I went in the morning so i would think it wouldnt. What are my chances of getting pregant because of that?


JDThomas - August 10

i'm 14 yrs and i'm telling u from experience that..that is a horrible thing to go through at this age.. my friend went through it and she was 1 of the smartest kids in my cla__s..when she became pregnant..her grade were just dropping, it was hard for her... her mom almost through her out of the house.. and her bf left after he said that he was gonna be there 4 her...its really painful 2 bring a baby in ur tummy... its like 50 3500 page book that someone threw on u from off a high building... dont mess up ur childhood now... enjoy it.. enjoy ur first kiss. enjoy rocking out to music, enjoying being a kid who does not have responsibilities to do...



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