Am I Pregnant 31

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needtoknownow1425 - March 12

Female, fourteen years old. My boyfriend of 7 months and I had unprotected s_x on about February 20-26 ( Im not sure of the date ) . My period was supposed to come on on March 5th, but I'm still yet to receive it. I've been having lower abdominal pains, kind of on my ovaries, which hit me at random times. I've been peeing a lot more, and farting more. I know that's weird. I don't feel sick except like, I feel it in my throat, but it's not like Im nauseous. Am I pregnant or ?


Grandpa Viv - March 12

With a period due March 5th you would likely have been most fertile (ovulation)around Feb 19th. At ovulation a woman's libido is highest and she is most likely to allow s_x. Peeing more and upset gut, weird cramps are signs. Unusual fatigue, lotion discharge, sensitive to smells would be others. It is not unusual for first s_x to result in a bunch of false pregnancy signs. The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. Is there anyone you can confide in to help you with this - a teacher perhaps? Is the boyfriend older? Feel free to ask more questions.


needtoknownow1425 - March 13

My boyfriend is two years older than me. My parents love him and so does everyone else. The night before it was going to happen I texted my mom and told her i needed to talk to her and it was really important. But she didnt answer. So we went on and had s_x with out me on birth control or anything. ( it wasnt our first time either btw. ) I don't want to tell my mom or dad or anyone, until I know for sure.


Grandpa Viv - March 13

You had s_x about ovulation time and now have signs including a period missing a week already. The rational explanation is that you are pregnant. Please get a pregnancy test from Walmart self-checkout or some other way (school nurse?) and run it on first morning pee. If it shows positive that would be a good time to tell your mom. You will need her help deciding how to handle the situation. GL!



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